How To Say ‘I Do’ By Mandy Newman with June Newman

Congratulations, you're getting married! Now what?!book2

It appears that traditional weddings are being phased out and civil ceremonies are the new, happening thing. How To Say 'I Do' By Mandy Newman with June Newman is a comprehensive 11 chapter guide to civil marriage ceremonies.

Some of the helpful chapters include:

Chapter one - Everybody's doing it

Covers two of the most important questions in regards to the civil marriage option, why civil? And is a civil service the same as a "real" service?

Chapter two - Legal mumbo jumbo

Explores the legal information you need to know about civil marriages including answering questions, what must a civil wedding contain in New Zealand? Who can be a witness? And even, what name do I sign my marriage documents in? All questions to help guide you into the civil marriage process.

Chapter four - Choosing a civil celebrant

Includes advice and answers the important questions, what qualifications does a celebrant need? And where can I find a civil celebrant?

Chapter five - The 16 elements of a civil marriage ceremony

This chapter includes how to choose your wedding Theme - the blessing, reading, and the vows, exchange of rings, declaration of marriage, signing of register as well as the declaration and presentation of the marriage certificate.

This also covers questions in relation to, location - what will you do if the weather wreaks havoc? Marrying overseas, How to create the right atmosphere and how to define the space, create a focal point and advice about music and lighting. This chapter also answers important questions in relation to readings - Do I have to have readings? Where do I find readings? How many should I have? And the vows - How long should vows be? Do I have to say 'love and obey'?

Chapter ten - Sources of inspiration

Is a guide to finding inspiration for the perfect readings and poems, songs ideas and wedding themes.  This chapter also includes ideas to help spark your imagination.

Some of the song ideas include anything from all time greats, 'Can't Help Falling in Love' By Elvis Presley to rock song You Are My Everything by REM.

Chapter eleven - Contacts

This final chapter includes helpful wedding websites, bridal magazines, list of civil marriage celebrants, Pre marriage education providers and counsellors, religion resources, where to find readings and also includes a list of registries of births, deaths and marriages.

Overall I found this book to be an excellent guide to civil marriage ceremonies; it has a broad diversity of topics and advice. A must! For those of you that are planning your own civil marriage ceremony.

Book: How To Say 'I Do'
Author: Mandy Newman with June Newman
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Book Reviewed By: Nicki Gault