I Love You By Penguin Books


'Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all'
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

This book is full of insightful quotes about love that express how we really feel about the 'one' along with romantic ideas to do with one another.

Includes your favourite movie quotes, the love songs that bring back the memories and feelings of love or intensifies the love for that someone special it also has romantic movies that you would watch when you want to get snuggles with that special person or if you want a girlies night out with a box of tissues.

It also includes quirky things such as love charms, emoticons and SMS love that will give you a giggle or some ideas.

'The pursuit of love is humanities most universal quest- the stuff of myth and legend and the greatest gift from the gods'. Read this book and let it inspire you.

Book: I Love You
Author: Penguin Bokks 
Publisher: Penguin Books
Book Review By: Amy Gault