Poems And Readings For Weddings


Are you stuck for something special to add to your wedding ceremony?

Do you have trouble writing down words that express how you truly feel?

Then this book Poems and Readings for Weddings is for you.

The Editor of this book has chosen some fabulous pieces of work from the collections of well-known writers including the likes of William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Mark Twain, Elizabeth Barrett Browning etc. The poems are beautifully written and say everything you would want to say to your loved one on the most important day of your life. I found some of the poetry and the readings to be uplifting and they would touch even the hardest of souls, they are an interesting read and are very romantic.

I would recommend that this is a good book for those who are planning a wedding and need to find some special words to help them in saying all they need to say. This lovely book need not be used for just your wedding; you could also quote from it for special anniversary occasions as well. The author has chosen some beautiful sonnets and poetry that would be perfect for any occasion especially your wedding.

Book: Poems And Readings For Weddings
Author: Penguin Books
Publisher: Penguin Books
Book Review By: Tabitha Bland