Posted Love By Sophie Jerram


Have you ever received a love letter?

Do you have them hidden in a private place away from prying eyes? Do you think that one day someone will stumble upon them and want to share them with others? This is what the author of this book has done.

This book is a book of love letters written by relatives and others in NZ. The author has used some written by her family to loved ones and has also sourced other letters from various people including that of Katherine Mansfield.

I liked reading the letters although they are intensely private there were so many romantic people in New Zealand. The book is almost like a trip into the past where some of the letters are proper and polite well before the days of the Internet.

I would recommend this lovely book of beautiful love letters to the most romantic of people but there is something for everyone.

A definite good read.

Book:Posted Love, New Zealand Love Letters
Author: Sophie Jerram
Publisher: Penguin Books
Read And Reviewed By Tabitha Bland
ISBN 0-14-029010-