The Catch By Mark Mason


Sam adores Kirsty, so her reaction when he asks her to marry him leaves him a little stunned.

"I've decided that I'm not going to say yes.  But neither am I going to say no."

If Sam thought that answer was something to worry about, when he finds out she's putting him on a points system for a few months to see if he's worth marrying, his heart sinks. If he doesn't tally up 1000 points, he can kiss marrying her goodbye. That's bad enough, but she won't let on how the points will be scored either.

Sam enlists the help of his mates, one of whom involves him in some pretty dodgy money making schemes in an effort to impress Kirsty and boost his points total, but they always end up costing him money and losing him points.

Week after week, Sam slowly loses hope.  He also starts to wonder if Amanda, one of his friends, is secretly sabotaging his efforts because she fancies him.  The closer he gets to the end of his trial, the more worried he gets about the whole thing and he starts to make some bad choices.

When he finds himself in a nightclub bathroom with two girls and a quantity of cocaine, he suddenly realises what it is he really wants.  But is that still marrying Kirsty?

This book was immensely readable, funny and touching at the same time.  You'll cry out "yes!" more than once when the list of things women find irritating about men is read out, I know I did!  You'll also find yourself wanting Sam to get the points and live happily ever after because underneath it all, he is a likeable bloke.

Does Sam get the 1000 points?  I'm not telling.  Does he get the girl?  And if so, which girl?  Again, I'm not telling, suffice to say that no matter what you think will happen, the last 20 pages of the book will be a surprise.

Book: The Catch
Author: Mark Mason
Publisher: Penguin Books
Book Review By: Faye Lougher