The Hard Questions By Susan Piver


The inspiration of the book The Hard Hitting Questions came from the author Susan Piver's reservations in regards to faith in love, marriage and her inner self.

Susan writes of her relationship realizations in relation to love, commitment and marriage.

When her partner Duncan asked her to marry her, Susan's first reaction was to immediately break up with him, but instead they both agreed on a month separation.

After a month of exploring her thoughts and realizations Susan and Duncan met together for a weekend, Duncan listened with openness and in response gave Susan a heart shaped box which had inside a rock and a feather. The rock was to signify Duncan and the feather to signify Susan. Duncan explained that Susan was to fly, let me be constant and steady. Let's hold it all in one heart. Let us balance each other. Susan was shocked by his willingness to be in a relationship with her and Susan's assumption that once you married that you ceased living on a certain level had now changed. Susan had come to realize that perhaps it was possible to marry and for the marriage to last a lifetime.

In this book are the questions that helped Susan come to the decision, to say yes to the proposal of marriage. The Hard Hitting Questions is a book that covers 100 provoking questions for the engaged, newly married or those in a long term relationships. It has been designed to help you and your partner to learn something new about your relationship and each other, it may also help you as a couple to have a shared view of life, a deeper knowledge of yourself and your beloved.

If you are looking for insightful relationship guidance, then this book is for you. The Hard Hitting Questions covers nine sections including questions related to home, money, work, sex, health & food, family, children, community & friends and spiritual life.

The main section of this book includes important questions in:

Home - How long will we live in our current or first home?

Money - What kind of purchases must be jointly decided on?

Work - How ambitious am I? How ambitious are you? Are we comfortable with each others levels of ambition?

Family - If we have children, what kind of relationship do we hope our parents will have with there grandchildren? How much time will they spend together?

The book The Hard Hitting Questions is overall an excellent variety of questions important in any loving relationship. It really made me look and access my own long term relationship, all for the better might I add. This book is a good guide to relationships and improving communication in your relationships.

Book: The Hard Hitting Questions
Author: Susan Piver
Publisher: Penguin books
Book Reviewed By: Nicki Gault