The New Penguin Book Of Love Poetry By Penguin Books


Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
~ Aristotle

Love Poems, published by Penguin books is a collection of love poetry from as early as the ca. 320 BC to 1939.

This is book is a collection of love poems that are deeply passionate and overwhelming. The poems have a very classical essence to them, with includes the William Shakespeare 's famous love poem - Shall I Compare Thee To A Summers Day?. Love Poems is a broad collection of love poetry that will warm your heart.

One of my personal favourite love poem includes To Anthea Who May Command Him Anything By Robert Herrick 1591 - 1674, this poem expresses the undying love for Anthea, it is so deep and meaningful and brought a tear to my eye with its last lines……..

Thou art my life, my love, my heart,

The very eyes of me,

And hast command of every part,

To live and die for thee.

This book is overall a well written collection of love poetry, if you enjoy love poetry in the style of William Shakespeare then this book is perfect for you.

Happy Reading!

Book: Love Poems
Author: Penguin Books
Publisher: Penguin Books
Book Reviewed By: Nicki Gault