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Some Good Reasons Why You Should Have a Wedding Website

Whether you are planning a last minute wedding or years in advance.

All of your guests, whether they are near or far, can read of your progress as you plan your wedding. It can set the atmosphere for your wedding early, allowing those you choose to share in your wedding experience.


There is only so much you can say in your invitation.
Let your guests know in your invitation that they can log on to your wedding homepage to find out additional and important information: gift registries if you have them, if you prefer donations to a certain charity, you and your fiancé's love story as in how you met, how the proposal came about. You can write a special message to them, which can be changed at any time and could also include any last minute important changes. You could add links to pages of important information. This could include maps for driving directions in your area and accommodation for out-of-town guests. You can also tell them that they can email you if they have any queries.

Half of the people in your wedding don't know each other.
Introduce your parents and your wedding party to guests before they meet in person by posting their names on your wedding page. When they finally meet in person at the wedding they'll already know something about each other.

Paper has an uncanny way of going missing.
The entire wedding details of 'what where and when' are posted online 24/7.
Even what is on the menu at your reception. Once someone has been introduced to the delights of the cyber-world and the ease it brings in organising anything, they can never go back to traditional methods. You could encourage them to set your wedding site as their homepage so that when they log on, they can be updated with new details should you have changed anything on your wedding website at any stage.

Post a photo of you both before and after your wedding.
You can post a photo of you and your fiancé on your wedding website, then after the nuptials you can update it to your favourite wedding photo for all your family and friends to tune into and adore with you. Especially those who couldn't make it to the wedding.

This is your time to shine.
This is your time to be in the limelight. Take your piece of the web and make it yours to proudly announce your love for each other. Choose the colour of your site to match your bridal party. Post your favourite quote that aptly describes your relationship with your fiancé. Tell all about your dress, what the groom and groomsmen are wearing, what the bridesmaids are wearing, your colour scheme - unless of course you want to keep it all a secret.

The NZ Wedding Planner has this facility available for you on their website. Check it out, it is as easy as a-b-c. The information you give is optional and can be updated or changed at anytime with your own selected password. To have your own Wedding Homepage Join our FREE Bridal Club.

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