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Wedding Shoes – Beauty Over Comfort?

Just because they are the most gorgeous wedding shoes you've ever seen, maybe even the most expensive - doesn't make them the most suitable shoes to wear for up to twelve hours on your special day. Before you decide to have those three-inch heel beauties - take some of these hints into consideration.

Shop for your wedding shoes at night
I kid you not! Our feet swell during the day and when it comes time to be dancing around the floor, the last thing you need is to be tripping over your BIG shoes. Your feet will be tired at the end of a working day and will force you to look for more comfortable shoes.

Size does matter
Having said the above, choose a shoe one half size bigger than normal. This will come somewhere in between your day size while still allowing room to expand on your wedding day and on the dance floor should they do so. Don't forget to wear pantyhose while trying them on if you will be wearing them on the day.

Don't be a heel!
The higher the heel, the more stress you put on your lower back. Not to mention the stress to have you wishing the day was over so you can sit down and rest your aching feet. The higher the heel, the more your weight is thrown forward making your back muscles contract. Unless you will be sitting for a major part of the day or you don't mind towering above your husband, do yourself a favour and opt for a one-inch heel. If you have a shorter length skirt on your gown, you may be hoping for a more sculpted look to your legs that high heels give. If you still think the pain is worth it - go for it

Break them in
At least two weeks before the wedding start wearing your shoes around the house. An hour at first, then slowly increase the time at three day intervals leading up to the day.

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