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Responsibilities Of The Wedding Party

Have you been dispairing over who in the bridal party is responsible for what, when it comes to organising your wedding?  Worry no further, here's the low-down on the duties of the Best Man, the Bridesmaids and ushers - no arguments.  We also look at the Mother and Father of the Bride, and the order of speeches. Unless of course, you wish to break with the tradition 'who-ha' and do what is best for you.


Discusses any plans with the Bride, Groom, and Bridesmaids

Makes arrangements to hire their attending clothes and decide who will pay.
Helps the groom to organise the stag party .
Prepares and finalises a speech for the reception.
Makes sure the Groom has all documents needed for the ceremony
and all travel documents for the honeymoon. (passports, tickets, etc.).
Arranges transport for the Groom and himself to the ceremony .
Collects any hired clothing and accessories the day before the wedding.

On the Day
Checks final arrangements with the rest of the wedding party.
Takes possession of the wedding rings prior to the ceremony.
Helps Groom to get ready and make sure he arrives on time.
Ensures any fees are paid on behalf of the Groom.
Sits in the right-hand front row with the Groom.
Produces the rings when requested.
Witnesses signing of register, and signs as a witness if required.
Follows the Bride and Groom down the aisle, with the chief bridesmaid on his left arm.
Assists the photographer in organising guests for the group photographs.
Stands in the receiving line and greets each guest.
Reads out any messages or greeting cards of friends or family who could not be there.
Gives the third and final speech.
Dances with the chief Bridesmaid once the Bride & Groom have had the first dance together.


Discusses bridesmaids outfit with the Bride early on, especially if they are being made and work out who will pay.
Helps the Bride to choose her dress.
Arranges or assists with plans for the hen party.
Collects any hired clothes or accessories (the day before).
Ensures the bouquets are ready for the bride, bridesmaids and flower girl (on the day).

On the Day
Keeps the Bride calm.
Helps the other bridesmaids, bride and flower girl to get dressed.
Leaves for the ceremony with the Brides mother ten minutes before the Bride.
Arranges the Bride's dress and veil (if she has one).
Follows behind the Bride and her father up the aisle.
Holds the Bride's bouquet during the ceremony.
Leaves the ceremony on the left hand side of the best man, behind the bride and groom.
Stands in the receiving line between the Groom and the best man to greet each guest.
Helps to display and record gifts received.
Assists the Bride to get in and out of her dress when she needs the toilet and to change into going away outfit after the wedding - returns any hired clothes.

Arranges to hire their clothes with the best man and other ushers, and decide who will pay .
Confirms final arrangements with the best man and any other ushers including time of arrival at the church.
Obtains a large umbrella in case it rains (to keep guests and bride and groom dry when walking from cars to building).

On the Day
Collects Order of Service sheets.
Arrives at the venue at least half an hour before the ceremony.
Assists the guests with parking if needed.
Welcomes and seats guests as they arrive.
Hands out service sheets & buttonholes.
Makes sure guests have their mobile phones turned off.
Escorts the brides mother and guests to their seats.
Seats couples with young babies or children close to the exit.
Helps the best man to arrange guests for photographs.


Arranges the hiring of the clothes and decides who will pay.
Prepares a speech for the reception.
Collects any hired clothing and accessories.

On the Day
Escorts the Bride to the ceremony.
Arrives last with the Bride.
Gives Bride away.
Stands with the bride until after the vows, and then joins with the Bride's mum in the front row of seats/pew.
Stands in second place in the receiving line and greets guests.
Proposes a toast to the bride and groom and makes the first speech.
Mixes among the guests and introduce them to each other.

Helps the bride with planning and arrangements .
Arranges your outfit - checks with Grooms Mother about the colour and style so you do not clash (especially with the bridesmaids and other wedding party members).

On the Day
Helps the bride and bridesmaids to get ready.
Leaves for the ceremony 10 minutes before the Bride with the Bridesmaids.
Sits in the front left row at the ceremony .
Stands in first place in the receiving line and greets guests.
Acts as hostess, mixing with guests and introducing them.
Arranges photographs to be distributed after the wedding.

Traditionally, only three speeches are given, but it is widely accepted for the bride to contribute as well - maybe even a joint speech. Check out our article this month 'Speeches for the Bridal Party' for more in depth information on making speeches.

Order of speeches:
1. Father of the Bride
2. Groom
3. Best Man

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