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Bachelor Party Ideas for The Stag Night

The Stag Night; and as the Best Man it is your honour to come up with ideas to organise wild bachelor party to end all bachelor parties. Maybe you both don't want any big hassle - a small gathering of mates, alcohol and/or soft beverages and if you know it's appropriate, a stripper to make the Stag Night a memorable event.

Perhaps a more elaborate bachelor party is in order. But whether you plan to down some beers at home or hit the town, go out of town or bring on the fireworks - don't rush into it without thinking through a plan. Without a plan, you could end up spending more money then you'd hoped, risk offending people or the future groom's start to his married life by creating an upset and irate Bride.

So, we've prepared a few tips in the interests of providing the safe and unforgettable Bachelor party that won't end the marriage before it begins.

Who you invite will make an incredible impact on the success of the party.  More is not always best.  Trusted friends and relatives who can appreciate a good time, those you know who won't spill the beans and create unnecessary panic among the women folk - are essential.  This doesn't mean that the brides friends and family should not be invited, or exclude women, but it is a general accepted rule that there be a 'code of silence' among the participants.

Bachelor Party Ideas

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