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Making Your Wedding Dress - What To Expect At The Dressmakers

A custom-made wedding dress can make having the dress of your dreams come true. Whether its an auntie who knows her way around with the sewing machine or a reputable company from near or afar, it helps to know a few things before you get started.

Naturally there will be a fee for the labour involved in making your dream wedding dress. The more simple the dress - the least amount of labour. Your dressmaker may charge by the hour - or just have an all-inclusive fee. Make sure you ask in advance what this will be. Materials will be added to the bill separately.

Your can take your pre-chosen fabric to your dressmaker - or have a swatch of fabrics, colours or textures of what you think you might like to have. They can order the fabric for you - sometimes it may even work out cheaper than if you had bought it elsewhere. A good dressmaker can also give you good advice on what fabrics best suit the style of dress you would like.

Good silks can be quite expensive and come in several different qualities. A simple dress with a full skirt and short train will on average require between 8.72 and 10.90 metres of material. If you compromise on the quality of silk, mostly unnoticeable to the average eye - you can save yourself a lot of money. Don't be afraid to ask the store you are buying from, for a bulk discount.

Dressmakers can work from pictures that you bring in of your dream dress - you may have several that you like to have a bit of this or that. Just talking about what you want - will enable the dressmaker to make a sketch as you speak. You may even bring in a pattern you already have, or work from the dressmakers existing stock of patterns. Bear in mind that they less the dressmaker has to do - the kinder it will be on your pocket.

Generally on your first visit to the dressmaker, he or she will take your measurements. From there, they will make a muslin or calico shell, which will be fitted to you and altered on the next visit. The third fitting is usually in your actual dress and by the fourth visit - you dress should be ready to pick up. This process usually takes about six weeks or longer if there is any beading or intricate patterns for the dressmaker to follow.



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