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Top 8 things you must do when hiring a DJ for your wedding party

Music is an important part of a wedding and can mare or make the occassion. Consequently, having a good DJ can help make what would otherwise be a lack luster wedding a brilliant and memorable occassion.

It is important therefore to put a little thought and care into hiring a DJ. Following are somethings you must consider when hiring a DJ.

This article  breaks down into three major areas. The DJ and his professional experience, the equipment,  the contract and cost.

Hope you find this article informative.

1.Hire the DJ not the company

Though chances are that you will hire a company for your DJ, the truth is that you will be dealing with the DJ and not the company during your wedding party. It therefore makes good sense to get to know your DJ before the party. Be sure to get a written understanding of whom your DJ will be. If possible, meet with him or her right from the go.

2.Get to know your DJ

Do not be afraid to ask your DJ about his experience organizing and playing weddings. Remember, it is your wedding party and not his and to get the kind of wedding you want, the DJ must be willign to listen to your input. Find out how much experience your DJ has and whether or not he knows how to organize wedding receptions.

3.Being a DJ is more than spinning records

A good DJ is a lot more than a record spinner, anyone can do just that. Being a good DJ includes getting the people invloved. It means getting the people off their seats and onto the dancing floor. How will your DJ do that? Find out.

4.What is the dress code?

Be sure your DJ understands the dress code for the occassion. Weddings are a formal occassion and require formal dressing. Your DJ should dress in a way that is appropriate and beffitting for the occassion.

5. Is there a contract?

It is always better to have a contract that spells out the terms of the engagement, such as the fees. Will there be an extra charge if the function goes into overtime? Who pays for transportation? Also your contract should show date, time and place of event and pertinent contact information such as telephone numbers.

6.There are djs and there are DJs, get a professional breed.

Some DJ companies are more equal than the others. How do you know? Here are some pointer. What is there affiliation(s)? Ask if  they belong to ADJA or any of the other membership organizations? Are they insured?

7.Your function will sound as good as the equipment

Quality equipment will always produce quality sound and sound effects. Do not settle for anything less than the best. Some of the best brand names include Denon, Gemini, QSC, and Crown. Ask your DJ what brand his equipment is.

Also be sure that the DJ brings along a backup system. Failures do happen when lest expected  and you want to be ready when they happen.

8. Encourage your DJ to bring a wide variety of song selections.

Do not try to limit them with a list. It is best to have songs that will sweep the people off their seats and on to the dancing floor. The more, the merrier.

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