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Batchelor Party

The bachelor party is a male-only affair typically organized by the best man. He is responsible for selecting the date and reserving the place and entertainment as well as inviting his male friends and family. Your best man should also assign responsibilities to the ushers, as they should help with the organization of this party.


Things to Consider: You often hear wild stories about bachelor parties being nights full of loose women, alcohol and great fun, however these stories are actually quite rare. Most of the time, they are all lies or a big exaggeration of what really happened. It is not uncommon for the guys invited to the bachelor party to create these wild stories and make a vow of never telling the truth about how boring the party really was! Whatever you do, make this party a memorable one. Make sure you do something different and enjoy it!


Options: In the past, a typical bachelor party would start with the young bachelor and his friends getting together for dinner and drinking a fair amount of beer. After eating and drinking to their heart's content, they would then go bar-hopping or get together at someone's house to play games or watch X-rated movies. Going to exotic dancing locations was also popular for young bachelors. As the bachelor age group becomes older (average bachelor age today is 25), this tradition has changed a bit. Now a bachelor party can be as simple as a group of guys getting together for dinner and drinks.


Beware: Your best man should not plan your bachelor party for the night before the wedding, since chances are that you will consume a fair amount of alcohol and stay up late. You don't want to have a hangover or be exhausted during your wedding. It is much more appropriate to have the bachelor party two or three nights before the wedding. Tell your best man that you will be busy the night before the wedding, just in case he is planning to surprise you. Your best man should designate a driver for you and for those who will be drinking alcohol. Remember, you and your best man are responsible for the well-being of everybody invited to the party.

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