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creating an effective skin care routine

Your wedding day will see you be the center of attention for the entire day. You'll be getting upclose and personal with not only your guests, but a camera lens as well. To look great all day - and for years to come listen to the experts.   They  recommend a minimum six months of stress-relief, proper nutrition, and added water-drinking. Since much of your beauty condition on your wedding day is completely in your own hands, there are a few things you'll need to do before the wedding to ensure your skin is in shape.

The first and most important step towards healthy skin is a good cleansing program. You should be using a multi-step system including:

~ a good cleanser appropriate for your skin-type in the mornings

~ make-up remover and cleanser at night

~ daily moisturizer

~ an exfoliant once to several times a week

Also try keeping your hands away from your face - - dirt and oils can contribute to blemishes and other skin problems.

If you can afford it, this is a great time to consult a professional dermatologist. Tell them your wedding date, and your skin-care goals. They may recommend treatments such as glycolic peels or regular facials that will help you have picture-perfect skin. Prescription medicine may also be helpful.

Also, if you take birth-control medication, talk to your doctor about which kind is best for your skin and body. Switching birth-control brands may make a dramatic difference in your skin.

Examine how much water you drink daily. Drinking eight to 10 glasses daily will help clear up blemishes and make your skin more luminous. While you're increasing your water consumption, it's a great time to be decreasing your caffeine in-take. Passing on that morning trip to Starbucks may seem like a daunting task, but not only will less caffeine help your skin, it will also help you feel less stressed out!

You should also be cautious if using tanning beds. Many brides make the mistake of tanning and looking too dark, red or freckled. If you must get color, try a self-tanning treatment applied by a skin care professional. It's safer and more natural looking without the risk of sunburn or freckles.

Finally - and most importantly - get some sleep. Your body requires a minimum of eight hours of rest to rebuild and repair itself. In that time, it sheds dead skin cells, flushes toxins and excess water, and regulates its natural moisture levels (among other things). Deprive yourself of sleep, and expect to see dull skin, dark circles, and puffiness when you wake up in the morning.

Let's face it -- most of us don't have perfect complexions, and with the anxiousness surrounding a wedding, looking your best can be a challenge. But with a little extra care and some advanced planning, however, you can easily achieve a radiant, flawless face for your wedding day!

Make note of your day-to-day beauty dilemmas, such as mascara on your bottom lashes tends to give you dark circles or lip liner makes your lips dry, and share these concerns with your makeup artist. And don't be afraid to try something new -- as long as you test-drive the look before the wedding. You may find colors or combinations you are afraid of actually look great on you!

Whether you're going for a natural look or for something more lavish, chances are you'll definitely want to put your best face forward on your wedding day. Your hair, makeup and skin have to look picture perfect -- and with a little practice and planning the reward for all your exhaustive work is a smooth event that everyone - especially you - can enjoy.

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