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Christening and Baby Naming invitations

Invitations to Christenings have traditionally been informal in all but the most exalted circles. However,  todayfamilies and friends tend to be busier and more spread out, and sending an invitation ensures your guests have all the information they need

9 Signs You're in the Right Relationship

Some people say "when you know, you know," but you might be looking for a little more evidence that this is the real deal. So, how are you supposed to know that you're in a relationship that's totally worth holding onto? Here are nine ways to know you've found the perfect partnership.

Warm and wonderful words for your bridal party

As you make your journey towards the aisle, there's a select group of people who will be with you every step of the way. And that's your various attendants, be they bridesmaids, groomsmen or other special people in your life who have contributed to pulling off your big day perfectly.

5 Secrets of a Happy Marriage

There's something wonderful about commitments and marriage. But how do you know that the two of you together will indeed be "happily" married? What steps can you take to keep it that way?

Mid-Engagement Crisis

The other day, I had a fascinating revelation. Being engaged has pushed me into a pre-marriage early mid-life crisis. I've even gone so far as to pull out the music that I listened to when I was twelve

Avoid These 5 Don'ts After Getting Engaged

From promises you shouldn't make to things you shouldn't buy, learn the most common (and costly) mistakes newly-engaged brides make.

Our Guide to Writing Your Own Vows

No doubt you've worked hard to stage a wedding reception with tons of individual style, so why should your ceremony be any different? Get personal, and consider writing your own vows. Don't stress: It's not as daunting as you might think. Here's how it's done.

Children in your Wedding Ceremony

Every couple wants their wedding ceremony to run smoothly, from the dress rehearsal to their vows, but one aspect of the wedding will always remain unpredictable…children!

Celebrate with a Celebrant

A celebrant is a person who is registered by the Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) within the Department of Internal Affairs, to perform Marriage Ceremonies or Civil Union Ceremonies. There are
over 7000 throughout NZ. If a person isn't registered, they are not a Marriage or Civil Union celebrant.

Choosing a celebrant

Your wedding should reflect your own personality and style, and by choosing wisely the right Civil Celebrant, you and your fiancé can ensure your special day is perfect, no matter what the location, theme or style

Tips on how to Choose a Celebrant

Your wedding ceremony is the heart of your day, the reason why you and all your family and friends are there, and as the person responsible for leading the ceremony it is important to find the right celebrant for you.

5 Rules For a Happy, Balanced Marriage

Part of building a successful marriage is recognizing, appreciating and embracing this new role without losing touch with the single woman you were before. It's a balancing act.

6 Ceremony & Reception Tips from Beverly

Beverly, renowned wedding planner and author, shares some of her expert advice for planning a wedding to remember