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Bridal Lingerie Glossary

Bridal Lingerie Glossary

Modern Twists on the 'Something Old, Something New' Traditions

The idea of incorporating "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue" into your wedding day is a tradition that's emerged in the late nineteenth century, and has concsitently picked up momentum ever since

Making Your Wedding Veil

So, you are considering making your own veil? Good idea! You can
have a beautiful veil and it's not hard!
There are several ways to accomplish the project:

Something Old, Something New...

Everyone knows the phrase "Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue". It is up to your own personal tastes to select something for each of these categories. We've compiled some ideas to help you put a modern edge on this old tradition.

Get your sparkle on!

Just as an actress needs a supporting cast, your dress needs wedding accessories.It can be hard work finding that perfect combination to help you sparkle as you take centre stage on your wedding day, however it shouldn't be stressful, so have fun with it!

Easy Ideas for Wedding Gift Bags

Here are a few ideas for inexpensive and easy-to-make gifts bags that are appropriate for wedding showers and weddings. These few simple ideas can be used to make gifts to give to the bride-to-be,

Important tips on how to choose a Bridal Veil

There are an endless range of styles in bridal veils to choose from when selecting your wedding headpiece. It can at times be almost more difficult than selecting your gown. Where do you start? There are three essential things to do before choosing your bridal veil:

How to Choose a Wedding Tiara

The headpiece for your wedding can take several forms, including a ring of flowers, a veil, a headpiece, or a halo. Another somewhat traditional selection is the wedding tiara, which is definitely an elegant addition to your attire; it can make you look and feel like a princess.

Stuck For Hair And Accessory Ideas For Your Fabulous Wedding Day?

Everyone is looking at the bride and apart from the dress … her hair will be the second most looked at detail. We give you some flattering, fun and elegant ideas for hair and accessories on your wedding day.

What is in a Bridal Trousseau?

The word trousseau is a French term, given to the clothing that a bride assembles in preparation for her forthcoming marriage.  Traditionally called a 'hope chest' and made of cedar wood, it also included bridal accessories, lingerie, toiletries, jewelry, make-up and the Manchester items that she would be using in her new home.

Bridal Hair-Style & Accessory Tips

Remember, the style you love, may not suit your face shape. So be realistic about choosing the style and ultimately, a good hairdresser will know the right shape and colour to make the most of your unique beauty.