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Go-to glossary for wedding cakes

The language of wedding cakes can seem like a very strange beast indeed. Fondant, sugar flowers, ganache, petal dust … they're all terms you're going to come across in choosing your perfect cake. But what exactly do they mean?

Bling is in

Gone are the days where we only had a few choices of design.  Wedding cakes were to be white, cake was to be fruit, and your only decisions were which iced flower arrangement and how many tiers your cake had to consist of.

Going Gluten-Free for Your Wedding

Recently, we've seen a lot of couples gravitating toward a gluten-free menu for their wedding- particularly when it comes to cakes.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake

Sampling cake flavors and choosing from a rainbow of frosting colors make working with a cake designer a truly delicious task. To be sure you're just as satisfied with the end result, follow these steps. 

Thinking About a Chocolate Fountain for Your Wedding?

You dream of the perfect wedding? Come one step closer while treating your guests to something special by celebrating with a chocolate fountain. Chocolate fountains have become the most sought after attraction at weddings and related parties.

The Cake

Today's wedding cakes come in many forms from the traditional white tier cake to the modern, funky, bright and bold. Your wedding cake is a visual centrepiece at your celebration, an integral part of the ceremonial proceedings.

Preserve Those Memories

They say all good things must come to an end. But, there are ways newlyweds can savor the memories from their wedding day. Here's some advice for keeping the wedding gown, bouquet and cake intact for the future.

Top Delights

Legend has it that wedding cake toppers were first seen some hundred or so years ago but the actual origins of the tradition appear shrouded in mystery. Some references are made to a baker's daughter wanting a symbol of her love

Wedding Cheese-cakes - Try Something Deliciously Different

Wedding cheesecakes are becoming increasingly popular overseas. Make this yourself or find a willing participant to do it for you. This mouth-watering recipe is designed to be used in three tiers and note, the top tier is for eating, not saving.

Make Your Own Three Tiered Wedding Cake

Not many people enjoy the traditional taste of fruit and almond iced wedding cakes - but we still love the look of that tiered cake, the one we all dreamed of since we were little girls.

Wedding Cake Recepie – The Italian Wedding Cake

Nothing sounds more exotic and delicious as this Italian Wedding Cake recipe. See if you can talk someone you love into making this for your special day - that's if you don't want to make it for yourself!

What's In A Cake?

The wedding cake stands for a lot of things.  To you and your partner it is a symbol of love and commitment.  To the guests it is a focal point of conversation during the reception.   And to the baker it is another chance to create a work of art.