Wedding Hair Tips

Nailed It! Our Definitive Guide to Nail Salon Treatments

What better way to show off your new, very sparkly engagement ring than by having an immaculate manicure to match? It doesn't matter if you have brittle or torn nails, have trouble growing them, or you're a biter - there's a salon treatment to help your nails look instantly beautiful and healthy.

Creating an Effective Skin Care Routine

On your wedding day you'll be getting up close & personal with not only your guests, but a camera lens as well. To look great all day - and for years to come

16 Tips to Glowing Wedding Skin

If you really want to get your skin in top form, you'll need to start a smart skincare routine about a year in advance. It's okay if you don't have that long before the wedding day -- just adopt these good skincare habits as soon as possible.

Beauty Prep Checklist

The 'bridal glow' is an incredibly popular phrase that's become synonymous not just with health, but happiness (and great photos!). But this glow certainly doesn't come au naturale- it takes planning, time, and preparation.

Bridal Beauty: A Two-Week Countdown

Your wedding is two weeks away! Here, beauty experts chime in on down-to-the-wire ways to look your best on the big day.

The Bride's Guide to Beauty Treatments

From hair extensions to teeth whitening to microdermabrasion and more, learn about the most common beauty procedures.

Wedding Day Hair

"How will I wear my hair?" Every bride faces that predicament. Your wedding day hairstyle is a significant aspect of the total bridal look, worth some thought.

Flutter Those Eyes!

Anyone around my age will recall those false eyelashes of the 70's … long spider leg-like things that you just knew were fake. For you younger girls, just Google "Twiggy" images and you'll see what I mean.

The 7 Deadly Sins!

Yes, I am talking about lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride, but not in the sense that most of you will think of when you hear those words. I'm talking about these sins in relation to your make-up application.

Face Value

When you really think about it, your face will be the first thing your fiancé and your guests will look at when you walk down that aisle, followed closely of course by your stunning dress! That's why your makeup truly needs to say a lot!

creating an effective skin care routine

Your wedding day will see you be the center of attention for the entire day. You'll be getting upclose and personal with not only your guests, but a camera lens as well. To look great all day - and for years to come listen to the experts.

Wedding day hair tips

Your hairstyle on your wedding day will complete your whole look. Whether you choose an up-do or opt to have your hair natural and flowing, we can all agree that a bad hair day is the last thing you want on your wedding day!

Wedding Day Lipstick for the Bride

If there is one part of our make-up we want to remain the same as when we first applied it, its lipstick and unless you're willing to or have the budget to pay out hundreds of pounds on 'stay-put' lipsticks there are a few short tips that can help your lipstick to remain longer than normal.

Hen’s Night Makeup hot tips for Summer!

We have all loved the popular winter smoky eye. You can still achieve the sultry look of the smoky eye, but lighten it for the summer nights by choosing lighter colours. Move away from the black and charcoal, and try lighter shades.

Love your Locks

Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair. Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen." Hair plays an important part in creating a person's look. It also contributes to how women feel about themselves. We all know about "Bad Hair Days"!

A winning smile

Boost your confidence with brilliant white teeth No matter how great your hair or makeup, your smile just won't be a winning one if those pearly whites aren't really white. Too often I come across incredible photos that are spoilt because of discoloured teeth ruining an otherwise perfect smile.

Pretty in Pink

Every day, everywhere, every woman wants to feel pretty. In our opinion, all brides are beautiful, glowing as they do with an inner radiance that is hard to beat.
Even though colour trends chop and change in the world of fashion, and especially the bridal arena, pink remains a hot favourite.

Would You Say ‘I Do’ To Botox?

Treatments such as Botox have become an increasingly popular trend, with more and more Kiwi women opting for the treatment to rid themselves of severe lines and wrinkles.

Wedding Makeup Secrets

Are you having a makeup artist do your makeup? Here are some tips that will help you make sure that you get the look you want:

Top ten tips for great wedding hair

These tips assume that you are going to be using your regular hairdresser to plan your style and on your wedding day. However if you plan to style your hair yourself, you can easily follow the same timetable and I have added some extra tips for you.

Grooming for the groom

The big day is not all about the bride; the groom is also in the limelight and would like to look his best too. With the increase of men's beauty products like Clarins, Lancôme, Nivea, Decleor, suggesting that men are paying more attention to their image then ever before.

Stuck For Hair And Accessory Ideas For Your Fabulous Wedding Day?

Everyone is looking at the bride and apart from the dress … her hair will be the second most looked at detail. We give you some flattering, fun and elegant ideas for hair and accessories on your wedding day.

Bridal Beauty – Why Should I Hire A Professional Makeup Artist?

Whether you are experienced or not with makeup, you are bound to have some anxiety as your wedding approaches. New trends come out all the time with makeup, should you follow them?

7 Great Hair Tips

This is one day on which you want your hair to look wonderful, so we have seven suggestions to help you achieve the 'look' that is perfect for you.

Cosmetic Colours for the Spring Bride

Are you wondering what the hot looks are for this spring? Runway shows in Milan and New York told all with some daring colour choices - blues and pinks with a mixture of beige's and gold's.  Thick, luscious lashes and eyebrows are back in like a flashback to the eighties.  Brooke Shields and Madonna?  Eat your heart out!

Bridal Hair-Style & Accessory Tips

Remember, the style you love, may not suit your face shape. So be realistic about choosing the style and ultimately, a good hairdresser will know the right shape and colour to make the most of your unique beauty.

Wedding Hair-Do's - Hot Do's To Say I Do

We all like new ideas when it comes to wedding hairstyles - here are some exciting examples that are the latest from around the world.