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Wedding Planning Tips


You might have a clear idea of what you want, and what you don't need for wedding, depending on budget or personal style. There are some items you don't really need for your wedding at all though

10 wedding tips you won't get from a bridal magazine

I had a lot of surprises on my wedding day, and I thought I'd take those learnings and create a top 10 tips on practical advice. Obviously everyone will have their own experiences and opinions, but without further ado, here are mine, in no particular order (mainly because I'm tired of putting things in order at the moment)…

How to Have an Unplugged Wedding

For any unplugged wedding to be a success, the cooperation of the guests is essential. After all, these are the mobile-wielding, snap-happy folks whose actions you're trying to curtail.

Oh No! The Wedding Speech

Your palms are sweaty. You can hear your heart beat in stereo. Your voice is shaking while you speak (or so you think) , and you've broken out in a cold sweat.

The Most Annoying Questions People Ask When You're Engaged

Once there's a ring on your finger, you expect to share your proposal story over and over, bounce wedding ideas off your loved ones, and have fun gown shopping and working on DIY projects with your bridal party

The Tough Money Talks You Must Have Before Marriage

Put yourselves on the right financial path with these tips from ING wedding finance expert Holly Kylen.

All NOT to Plan…

Ever since my man and I began courting, he told me that I was the girl for him and he wanted to marry me - he is a true romantic at heart! I have to admit that, at that stage, marriage wasn't really my top priority - with divorced parents and celebrity break-ups, I was beginning to think that marriage was a bit of a joke.

How to Plan a Green Wedding

Sure, green weddings are all the rage, but you'll need to go the extra mile to make yours stand apart from the rest.

10 Budget Wedding Tips

Getting married needn't break the bank. Our budget wedding tips will give you plenty of ideas on how to get married on a budget - just don't drink too much (cheap) bubbly on the day and tell everyone your budget wedding secrets.

happily ever after

With the myriad of decisions that need to be made by the wedding date deadline, many first-time brides find it easy to get overwhelmed.
Fortunately, the wedding ceremony is one area you shouldn't have to stress out about.

10 Ways to Keep Your Sanity While Planning a Wedding

Amid the whirlwind of those seemingly endless last-minute preparations, take time to relax and reflect on what matters most: friends, family, and of course, fun! Whether it's a moment of Zen by your lonesome or happy hour with the girls, every bride needs a few strategies to step out of the spotlight and enjoy the moment.

How to Get Your Groom Involved in the Planning!

Wedding planning isn't just for brides. Grooms can help, too. Here, easy ways to get your guy involved.

Wedding gift etiquette

It used to be quite a serious breach of wedding etiquette for brides and grooms to tell guests what they would like for a wedding present. Nowadays however, bridal registries have become commonplace and requesting certain wedding gifts is no longer a faux pas.

How to Host an Environmentally Friendly Wedding

Just putting a little extra thought into your event can go a long way to greening your wedding, but we think it is well worth the effort! Here are some tips on how to have a beautiful wedding without sacrificing your green ideals.

How to Handle the Last Month Before the Wedding

It won't be long now. Your wedding day is fast approaching, and all the organizing will soon be worth it. But just because you've done plenty of work so far doesn't mean that the final month will be all joyful anticipation and light parties.

10 Wedding Mistakes To Avoid

Let us  help you avoid these common wedding pitfalls.

Avoid These 5 Don'ts After Getting Engaged

The big moment finally came and you're in a newly-engaged bliss bubble, admiring the look and feel of a brand-new sparkler on your hand and bouncing off the walls with excitement

Inviting Famous People to your Wedding

We receive many requests each month for celebrity mailing addresses so that couples can send them invitations to their weddings. So we thought that we would pass along a few of the more popular requests for addresses here.

Second Marriage

If you are getting married for the second time around it is still a new beginning for you and your partner, a reason to celebrate and start your new life together and exciting for you both.

Awesome Wedding Ideas on a Shoestring Budget

Before, getting married meant breaking the bank. Nowadays, people have become more practical with events such as weddings. People are now looking for creative and ingenious ways to cut down the expenses and save on the wedding budget. If you are looking for shoestring budget wedding ideas, here are some awesome ones to spark up some inspiration.

A Shopping Guide for the Clueless Bride

Many brides know what they want for their weddings even before they met the guy whom they are going to marry. However, there are also some brides who are totally clueless about the whole wedding preparation, including one of the most vital aspects-the wedding shopping. These brides only have a vague idea on where to shop, what to shop for, and what things to look for when shopping. If you are this kind of bride, this helpful guide would be heaven-sent for you.

7 Tips for your Outdoor Wedding Reception

You're getting married soon? Congratulations! Taking this big leap would certainly change your life in a way you can never imagine and since you'll be doing this with your one true love, you cannot help but feel overly excited and ecstatic about it.

A Bride's Legal Options for Changing Her Name

If you're soon to get married then you are probably asking yourself the same question that all new brides face at this time: should I take my husband's name? The answer is, it's entirely up to you.

Bridesmaids Responsibilites

When choosing your bridesmaids, make sure you choose friends who are responsible and work well with others. Guys can also be bridesmaids, otherwise known as bridesmen.

Your Wedding Party’s Roles and Responsibilities

The role of an attendant is fun yet also carries a large responsibility, which is why the bride and groom should choose persons they are close to and trust to handle important details before, during and after the ceremony.

How To Plan A Wedding

Planning a wedding in its entirety is very complicated with all the details that you have to remember. We could divide the planning into two parts so have a detailed view of the aspects that you have to attend to. The first part is the wedding ceremony planning and the second part is the wedding reception planning.

Hurry And Make That List - Wedding Supplies Must Haves

Do you find yourself constantly haunted with the never-ending wedding supplies for your big day? It will not do any bride good to stress out on focusing and paying close attention to all the details. Therefore, proper wedding planning is necessary to make your preparation less stressful and complete. Here is a list of supplies for you to make a good start.

Getting Started

Your man just got down on one knee and you said "yes". It's only as you sip celebratory champagne that your mind starts thinking "... goodness, what next?" Planning a wedding can be a very daunting task.

Pre-Wedding Blues

The months before the wedding occurs can be a time of strain and stress! In the first instance, there is so much preparation to be done, so many people to keep happy and so much money to be spent. Needless to say, there are often brides and grooms who arrive at the altar a little leaner.

When you’ve got yourself in a ‘state’- Delegate!

Getting ready for the big day can be very stressful ... and busy! Often brides and those in the bridal party try to accomplish all that has to be done, by themselves. Kiwis are renowned for their 'D.I.Y.' attitudes, which have triumphed with things such as No. 8 wire.

Final Planning Tips for Your Wedding Day

Recently, I went to my home town to help my Mother and my Sister with the final planning for my Sister's wedding. Every member of my family is a "Do-It-Yourselfer", so we had an unbelievable amount of flower arrangements, pew decorations, garlands, candles, silver, you name it, we had to set it up.

Choosing the Proper Wedding Announcements

Announcing your wedding is an exciting and busy component of wedding planning. Besides the usual invites and personal wedding announcements you make to very close friends and love ones.

Wedding Day Timetable - How To Plan Your Wedding Day

When you've gone to meticulous detail in planning your wedding, it makes good sense to plan your actual day to avoid getting flustered on the day. Make sure all people concerned have a copy in their pocket so you can synchronise your schedules and watches.

Planning Your Wedding From Long Distance

Get your act together. Get a good grip on things early on. Be organised. Pre-think everything. Get on the phone first before you take any trips to the city you are having your wedding in.

Pre-Marriage Counselling - Why Fix It If It's Not Broken?

You're in love, you can't wait to spend the rest of your lives together - so why would you want to see a counsellor? Almost a third of couples undergo some kind of pre-marriage counselling.

Weddings and Blended Families - Should We Involve Our Children?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Children of remarrying parents are at their most vulnerable regardless of their age, especially when they feel it is something beyond their control. It is not only a big deal for you.

Wedding Woes - When Your Big Day Gets Called Off

Whether the timing is wrong and the day is postponed, or you have been unable to resolve your differences, there are some logistical issues to take care of sooner rather than later.

Wedding Reception Menus - What If My Guests Have Special Dietary Needs?

There is no denying that one of the most enjoyable parts of the wedding is the reception. All your loved ones are together celebrating the first meal of your new lift together as man and wife. However for some, being forced to eat foods they may be allergic to or other

What If It Rains On My Wedding Day? - Look At The Positives

It's only the day you've been planning since you first discovered the romance of the prince and princess living happily ever after in wedding bliss. Everything is confirmed and maybe even paid for but there is no magical wand to wave when the clouds accumulate the day of your wedding.

The Night Before Your Wedding Day – Spend It Wisely

This is traditionally the night of the rehearsal dinner, although not widely practised in New Zealand as a rule - they are becoming more popular as a way of bringing together loved ones in an informal setting before you say 'I do'.

Weddings Apart From The Norm – Make Up Your Own Wedding Rules

A couple's Wedding Favor Gifts really speak volumes. With such a variety popular of Wedding Themes to consider, you can get Themed Favors that will accent your concept.

Traditional Wedding Rule of Thumb - Which Side Of The Family Pays What?

Every now and then you hear a little rumble from those of the old school
that still like to play by the 'rules'. The rule today is, there really are no
hard and fast rules. But in the realm of costs, the three way split usually
works well for all involved

Themed Weddings - The Medieval Wedding

The romance and mystery of films such as Lord of the Rings, Robin Hood and Arthur - have brought back love and romance into couples wedding plans. This gives plenty of range and flexibility to include this era in your special day.

Your Engagement Party - Here’s Some Ideas For Themes

Some engagement parties can really go over the top in formality. Ever been to one of those, where you are scared to say boo? On the other hand, some are so casual such as the participants swarming to a bar on a Friday night.

Choosing a Wedding Date – When You're Feeling Indecisive

For some couples, it's easy - they know just when they want to tie the knot. For others, it's less clear. After all, you have a lot of options. Even more than you might think, since it's really not necessary to get married on a Saturday.

Bible Verses for Your Wedding - Part 2

In Part Two we continue with a list of possibilities from the Gospels and New Testament. We will also discuss some tried and true methods for narrowing
down the choices.

Bible Verses for Your Wedding - Part 1

An important aspect of planning your wedding is selecting Scriptures to be read in the ceremony. Many clergy encourage couples to look through the Bible and choose some appropriate verses.

What To Put In Your Emergency Wedding Kit

When thinking if what to put in your emergency kit, sit there and visualise yourself going through the day - just as you would when you retrace your steps looking for your lost keys!

Some Good Reasons Why You Should Have a Wedding Website

All of your guests, whether they are near or far, can read of your progress as you plan your wedding. It can set the atmosphere for your wedding early, allowing those you choose to share in your wedding experience.

The Mother Of The Bride Is Just As Important As Her Daughter

Yes, the wedding day is one of the most important in a bride's life.  But it may not have been possible without the help and guidance of her mum in the planning and organising of the big day.  Mum's have been there giving that same help and guidance throughout the brides life as well, so we think she is just as important as her daughter and should look her best on the special day as well.

Summer Or Winter Wedding?

Summer can be a wonderful time of the year for weddings.  The increased daylight hours of summer give you more options for both the wedding and reception.

What Can We Really Expect On Our Wedding Night?

As you start your new lives together, you wouldn't be alone in hoping that your wedding night will be your most romantic moment to date. The fact is, a perfect wedding night belongs on the movie screen.

Responsibilities Of The Wedding Party

Have you been dispairing over who in the bridal party is responsible for what, when it comes to organising your wedding?  Worry no further, here's the low-down on the duties of the Best Man, the Bridesmaids and ushers - no arguments.  We also look at the Mother and Father of the Bride, and the order of speeches. Unless of course, you wish to break with the tradition 'who-ha' and do what is best for you.

Tips For Preparing A Good Wedding Speech

Public speaking, it comes naturally to some and not to others.  Wedding speeches are no exception.  If you are one of the lucky ones chosen, it will be because you are special to the bride and groom.  Your speech will be a precious moment in their day that will be remembered for the rest of their lives.

Budgeting Tips For Planning Your Wedding

Keeping a Wedding Budget can be a challenge, one way to cut costs without sacrificing quality is by finding your Wedding Rings online. Even customize your own to mach the Engagement Ring you've chosen.

What Kind Of Gift Do I Give My Spouse On Our Wedding Day?

The months, weeks and days that lead up to your wedding day will be frantic at best. Although it isn't compulsory, how on earth will you find the time to begin looking for a gift that means something? We give you a couple of ideas to help you start thinking in ways that will be sure to please.

What Is In A Wedding Vow?

There has been talk of wedding vows in the Discussion Forum at the NZ Wedding Planner. A tad of research has revealed some more traditional vows to share with you. Read, enjoy and modify to make yours truly special to you and your fiancé.

Wedding Trends - What Is Happening At Weddings Around The World

Get the latest trends in Women's Wedding Rings. Find all of the hottest styles from Tiffany to Vatche all with AGS Certified Diamonds. Make sure to explore all of your options in Diamonds before making a selection.

Weddings In Your Backyard - Formal and Informal

If having your wedding and reception in the backyard appeals to you - you will discover many more benefits than meets the eye. Not only can it be more enjoyable and flexible in wedding planning arrangements - in some cases it can be less expensive than a more conventional wedding.

Wedding Duties - What Does An Usher Do?

Your chosen usher may feel they have been left at the bottom of the responsibility pile when it comes to the day, but this role can often be underestimated in its importance on your big day.

Wedding Gifts - Pointers On Gift Giving At Weddings

Someone you care about has invited you to share their wedding day with them - and you have no idea what to buy them or even how much to spend. We give you a few pointers to take into consideration before taking the plunge into your purse.

New Zealand Weddings - What Are The Legal Requirements For Marriage?

Have you ever wondered what the legal requirements are for marriage in New Zealand and how you actually go about obtaining a marriage license? We give you some straightforward answers to some commonly asked questions.

Planning Your Tauranga Wedding From Overseas?

If you're planning your New Zealand wedding from overseas and aren't visiting the area of your venue beforehand, like Carrie, you might feel booking your vendors without meeting them in person is a gamble