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Consider your wedding. Is it outdoors? Suede high heels might not suit grass and wouldn't withstand an unexpected downpour. The most common choices are satin and silk but all kinds of fabrics can be used, especially for indoor weddings. Other interesting choices of fabric could include lace, leather, corduroy, or even recycled plastics if you're an eco-friendly bride.

How to: Finding Your Perfect Wedding Shoes

The wedding day adage recommending something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue provides little guidance about how to choose the perfect wedding day shoes.

Your wedding shoes

Getting the right balance between beauty and comfort - that's the key to choosing the wedding shoes for you. Some brides will want stunning looks at all costs, while others aren't prepared to have their toes pinched in the name of footwear fashion. Here are some thoughts to consider before you buy your bridal shoes.

Bridal Shoes - Tips to Make the Perfect Choice!

When a bride-to-be is choosing her wedding outfit that it can be easy to overlook the importance of selecting the right bridal shoes. Obviously, the wedding dress should take first place in order of importance but bridal shoes also need a lot of thought.

If the Shoe Fits

What could be worse than selecting a pair of shoes that look simply stunning, spending a tidy sum of money on them, and then wearing them for all of half an hour before you are complaining bitterly?
Not much, I'd say, especially on such an important day as your wedding day! This is a day for fun, laughter and celebration and, of course, lots of dancing; you simply can't do that if your feet are screaming out in agony!

Wedding Shoes – Beauty Over Comfort?

Just because they are the most gorgeous wedding shoes you've ever seen, maybe even the most expensive - doesn't make them the most suitable shoes to wear for up to twelve hours on your special day.