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Looking After Your Out-Of-Town Wedding Guests

It is most likely that you will have invited guests to your wedding from out-of-town or overseas. While it is their choice entirely to come to your wedding, you are not obligated to pay for any of their extra expenses. Yet it is nice that you help as much as you can with their travel arrangements to make their stay in the area as comfortable as possible. Here are some suggestions to help you be the helpful host:

Research accommodation in the area. Look for a few selections that offer good service and price ranges to cater to differing budgets. If you know that there will be several guests needing to stay overnight, try to reserve a block of rooms at each and send your guests the hotel information with their invitations well in advance. Reserving the rooms in bulk could well earn your guests a less expensive stay.

Set up a wedding website and/or send out a wedding newsletter early on. Create a website and/or newsletter to let them know the date of your wedding, as well as any other travel information and attractions in the area that may be helpful. By letting them as early as possible, your guests can find cheaper airfares.

Check out rental car agencies for those traveling by air. If your budget can allow it, arrange to have a car service pick them up at the airport. It's a nice way to welcome them, especially if other commitments prevent you from greeting them yourself.

Provide them with transportation to and from the wedding. This is the ultimate in nice gestures for your out-of-town guests, especially if they don't know their way around your city. This is a good idea also for elderly guests who have trouble, or don't drive themselves. It doesn't have to be expensive - maybe a good friend is looking for a way to really help you at this stressful time, even if you provided petrol money. A mini-bus or van can be rented for the day and you could ask that good friend to be the official chauffeur.

Surprise them with a gift basket in their rooms before they arrive. Include local food and delicious 'delicacies', confectionery, a bottle of wine or drink of their choice if you know it, tourist information, map and a special thank you and your fiancé that is personal to them.

Invite them for a meal. If you are having a meal for your wedding party prior to the wedding and your guests have arrived, consider inviting them as well. Another popular idea is having an out-of-town brunch the day after your wedding, before you go on your honeymoon.

Whatever you do, make some time to enjoy and appreciate your out-of-town guests. You may not see them often and they have cared about you both to come a long way on your special day.

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