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Bridal Club Magazine

Monthly Archives: September 2015

How to Avoid the Post-Wedding Blues

Many brides affected by unpleasant post-wedding blues, see the wedding as the final destination. Suddenly they find out it's not even close to the finish, but rather the beginning.

5 Secrets of a Happy Marriage

There's something wonderful about commitments and marriage. But how do you know that the two of you together will indeed be "happily" married? What steps can you take to keep it that way?

Tips for Homemade Wedding Bouquets and Centerpieces

Looking for ways to cut down on your wedding budget? Did you know you could totally do wedding flowers on your own, particularly those meant to be centerpieces and bouquets - and not be made fun of?

Accommodating special wedding guest needs

Many married couples will say a big source of worry is not accommodating special wedding guest needs