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Wedding Trends - What Is Happening At Weddings Around The World

Get the latest trends in Women's Wedding Rings. Find all of the hottest styles from Tiffany to Vatche all with AGS Certified Diamonds. Make sure to explore all of your options in Diamonds before making a selection. There are new and bizarre things happening all over the world and weddings is no exception. Some delight in minimalism by making weddings elegantly streamlined and simple to elaborate affairs that wow and dazzle friends and family. Each is an expression of the uniqueness of the couple's individuality.

Rehearsal dinners are becoming more popular over the past few years. It seems to be a nice way to gather the wedding party and present special thankyous in a formal yet more intimate way. Destination weddings are booming - many couples are choosing to hold their weddings out of town or in deed, out of the country. Budgets dictate to romantic and exotic locations where couples fly their nearest and dearest to share in their celebrations.

Wedding weekends or weeks are replacing the more traditional 'wedding day'. These allow the wedding couple to spend more time with their family and friends before they start off on their lives together. Especially so when the couple plan to be living away from family. They plan special group activities throughout this period such as a BBQ one day and a wine tour or adventure activity the next. Reception times are becoming longer due to the amount of time, effort and money invested by the couple so that they can savour the occasion with family and friends.

The reception and ceremony are becoming more unconventional and diverse. Specialised bars for desserts, martini and cigars and almost anything you can think of to uniquely tailor to the tastes of your guests. Personalised guestbooks, picture journals and videos become more flamboyant as time goes on. A designated "photographer" snaps a shot of each guest as they enter the reception. The picture then adheres to the same page as the one the guest signs.

Wedding favours are decreasing in popularity as so the more traditional garter-toss and bouquet-throw. Yet for smaller weddings, personalised and elaborate gift baskets are left for guests upon their arrival to their chosen accommodations.

Pairing wines with the cuisine has become very popular especially in wine country areas. Long, large and formal head tables are back with the most popular reception colours being silvers, golds, greens and tones of white - Ivory being less used.

Strict etiquette in traditional weddings have made a comeback. Renaissance-style dresses or princess-style adorned with ribbons are popular, so is the 50's style look. Veils - extremely long or 60's style with multi-layers are back. Two-toned dresses are very popular, especially silver with soft peaches and pink tones close behind.

Simple platinum and two-toned wedding rings with solitaires and bands. Cakes and flowers are simple and elegant. Solid rose or tulip bouquets are back in fashion - it seems that simple and elegant could be the catch phrase of the new millennium.

For wedding photos however - the classic portrait seems no longer suitable. "Photo journalist style" photography is taking the world by storm. This more artistic and romantic eye to photography sees creative angles, candid shots, and getting back to fun pictures are what the couples are really enjoying. Black and whites are a statement in themselves.

The biggest trend that is taking off, is the hiring of a wedding consultant. Prices have come down as this service has become more popular, making it affordable for most wage earners. With our busy lifestyles we are left with little or no time let alone the energy to co-ordinate a wedding. This wedding professional is saving time, money and stress for the wedding couple all over the world.

We will continue to keep you updated on all the latest trends as they happen around the world - to help make your wedding day a memorable one.

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