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Wedding Night Lingerie For Your Bride-To-Be – Groom Only Section

Pick out fantastic Lingerie for your wedding night and your honeymoon.  Get everything you need from Bridal Bras to garter belts to complete your look. Your wedding day should be spectacular and so should your Lingerie. Okay guys, picture this - the romantic glow of candles, soft music wafting through the air as your new bride walks in to greet you in sexy lingerie you chose for her, does that image leave you breathless?

Lingerie is sure to be a hit in the gift department, and lets your wife-to-be know how excited you are to be sharing this, the first of many nights together. You'll be giving both of you a gift that just keeps on… giving. If you know what I mean?

This month we give you a few tips on choosing the lingerie that is sure to please you both.

Okay, there's a thin line between sexy and trashy. What may be heart-pumpingly stunning to you may make her look cheap and not feel valued for being herself. Think elegant, delicate and sensual. But by all means - if you know that something a little naughty is exactly what the doctor and nurse ordered, then go for it.

If you are not sure what her style is or would like to try something new - especially if she has never gone for lingerie before, then your best bet would be to take a trip together. I know it sounds painful - but it really would save disappointment on the might if she were to turn around and say 'I hate it!'. Maybe you could pick up some catalogues to look at and order from the comfort of your home. This could mean that ordering in time will ensure that you have the correct size. Or better still, she will point out what style she likes and you could still make the trip yourself. Don't forget to get her correct size!

Some Sure Bets When Choosing Lingerie For Your Bride
• Silk robe - wear with her favourite lingerie or nothing at all
• Silky nightwear - sexy or practical, something that she can wear again and again
• Silk
• Silk, Silk anything
• Did I mention silk?

What NOT To Buy Her
• Flannel is out - we are talking about your bride here, not your grandmother
• If it has bones or sharp things - that has got to hurt when she bends. Think ahead.

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