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Wedding Hair-Do's - Hot Do's To Say I Do

We all like new ideas when it comes to wedding hairstyles - here are some exciting examples that are the latest from around the world.

The Romantic Medieval Look
This is ideal if you have long thick hair. A french plait with full fishtail-shaped braids, adding flowers for a princess look. Emphasise your natural hair colour with lighter or darker highlights, if necessary.

Turn Short Hair Into Long
Permanent hair extensions are suitable for women with shorter hair but will have to be attached several days before the wedding. This hairstyle will give you added volume to do a french braid displaying four lovely curls.

Elegant Like Evita
Try the Evita hairstyle ( Evita Perron ) for a very elegant head of hair. Your hairstylist will have to pull and smooth down your hair in the back. This is an ideal look for women with shorter hair who want a feminine, retro look. Colouring the hair would be will make an extra individual statement.

Bohemian Beauty
Does the Peace and Love era inspire you? Let your hair float to the music of the time with this hairstyle! Attach non-permanent hair extensions to your hair and lightly style. You could have a head of hair falling to your buttocks, forming a wedding veil. This hairstyle will favour brunettes especially, as it will bring out the simplicity and brightness of their white dress.

Electric Colour For The Eccentric Bride
To hell with tradition! The 'in' look is - hair pulled up on top, centre, pulled from the forehead to the nape of the neck, with smooth sides and longer pieces falling at the nape of the neck. Add vividly coloured curls or play with contrasting colours. Don't worry, the resulting hairstyle is attractive and not street punk!

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