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Wedding Showers – Who Says They Are Just For The Ladies?

All-lady tea parties are on their way out. Even though the traditional women-only affairs are still popular, anything goes and the groom's are joining in on the 'couples shower' parade. Coined with a new name 'Jack and Jill' - this is a pre-wedding party for men and women alike.

So where did the idea of a bridal shower come from anyhow?
The first bridal shower is said to have taken place in The Netherlands. A young woman had her heart set on marrying an impoverished miller. Her father disapproved and attempted to sabotage the marriage by refusing to hand over his daughter's dowry. Some villagers and friends took pity on the couple and came to their rescue by "showering" them with gifts.

Who facilitates the shower?

Traditionally the wedding party attendants, but co-workers or friends are also good choices. If you're an etiquette junkie, immediate family members are frowned upon as host or hostess because it looks as if they are fishing for presents. Many feel this "rule" is passe. Oftentimes, relatives get involved in the planning by offering financial aid or their homes as a shower site.

When and where should it be held?
Somewhere after the engagement party but before the wedding day. Couples showers can be thrown just about anywhere: a favourite restaurant, outdoors at the park or in the living room in the host or hostesses' home.

To theme or not to theme?
Put your heads together and come up with some neat ideas for themes. These are sure to make the event a real hit.

The gift of giving
It's a good idea to have the bride and groom register for gifts before shower season hits. The host or hostess is expected to include the couple's registry information in the invitations. If you want guests to bring gifts in keeping with a theme, make sure there are related items on their registry so that the couple does not get unwanted gifts.

Keeping track
As the couple opens their gifts, have a designated helper keep record of which guest gave which present, so thank-you notes won't be a nightmare.

Eating, chatting, and gift opening are the primary activities at any shower, especially a couples one. The host or hostess may want to consider providing background music (in keeping with the theme, if it lends itself) and some planned activities, so the party moves along at a nice pace. Games are great for bringing people together and upping the laugh quotient.

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