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How Much Alcohol Do You Serve?

How much alcohol do you want served at your wedding reception? Nowadays any function seems to require alcohol and your New Zealand wedding reception will probably be no different. Alcohol can be a fun addition to your reception but it is not an essential component, and many couples choose not to have it at all.

If you do decide to serve alcohol remember that the trick is to provide just enough for enjoyment but not enough for abuse. around.  Stores vary when it comes to bulk purchasing...

Consider also that if you are serving alcohol, make sure sober drivers or taxi services are available to ensure your guests get home safely.

Purchasing the right type and amount of liquor you want can be a daunting process so it is important you plan it carefully.

There are two things you must do before ordering your alcohol.  The first is to settle on a venue and the second is to decide on a fairly fixed number of guests.

wedding reception alcoholSome venues either have limits on alcohol or don't allow alcohol at all. Maybe they have a bar themselves, or maybe they just don't want excess amounts of liquor there.  Whatever the case, you need to have decided on a venue before you consult anyone regarding alcohol.

If you are purchasing the alcohol the liquor wholesaler or retailer requires fixed numbers to assess how much alcohol you may need.  Most stores help you with this as they have most probably supplied many large parties before, and know how much liquor is required for the event. Having a fixed number of guests also saves the store ordering or sending back additional alcohol, which can cause hassles.

Once you have decided on these two things, shop around. Stores vary when it comes to bulk purchasing.   

Some stores will offer you discounts depending on the quantity and/or sale and return. Other stores may provide extra services, such as free glass hire.  Almost all outlets deliver and most can arrange barmen for you as well.  It all depends on each store's policy regarding weddings.

Price also fluctuates with liquor itself.  If you have incorporated a large amount of liquor money into your budget, you can buy the more expensive beer or champagne.

If you don't have the money to provide the more expensive alcohol, but want to buy perhaps a local draught and a supermarket wine, pour the wine into carafes and the beer into jugs, and have them waiting on the tables when the guests arrive.

Do remember, however, to include non-alcoholic beverages, such as juice, for the non-drinkers among you.

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