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The Mother Of The Bride Is Just As Important As Her Daughter

Yes, the wedding day is one of the most important in a bride's life.  But it may not have been possible without the help and guidance of her mum in the planning and organising of the big day.  Mum's have been there giving that same help and guidance throughout the brides life as well, so we think she is just as important as her daughter and should look her best on the special day as well.

1. The colour should not clash with the bride's dress yet it should still suit you - don't be swayed by anyone to wear something that is not you.

2. Try to consult with the Bridegrooms' Mother so those colours complement each other.

3. Always wear a matching hat - this creates uniformity yet does not detract from the bride.

4. Select something that is comfortable and not too tight. You will be wearing it for many hours.  Choosing a fabric that does not crease too easily will give you greater peace of mind, there is nothing worse than a creased, disheveled Mother of the Bride, greeting her guests at the reception.

5. Choose comfortable shoes and matching bag.   Wear the shoes around the house for a few hours before the wedding - you don't want sore feet before you start, as you will be standing on them for some considerable time.  Also make sure your pantyhose are not too dark and complement the outfit as well as your legs.

6. Complement your outfit with simple jewellery and not too heavy make-up - you don't want to look like a clown.   It is best to try your make-up out before the big day, in order to obtain the correct look and colours. Treat yourself and your daughter to a makeover with a trained beauty consultant.

Overall, your look should be elegant, not 'over the top', and slightly understated - not to deter from the beauty of the Bride.

Above all, have a GREAT DAY!

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