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7 Great Hair Tips

This is one day on which you want your hair to look wonderful, so we have seven suggestions to help you achieve the 'look' that is perfect for you.

1. Plan well ahead. It is a good idea to book your chosen hairdresser as soon as you have chosen your wedding day.  Arrange a one-hour consultation with the hairdresser six weeks to two months before the wedding to discuss your hair style and colour, that of the bridesmaids and overall price.

2. Price is always a factor to consider.  The more money you have to spend, the more stylists can do with your hair.  But in saying that, hairdressers can style your hair whatever your budget.  This is the main reason a primary consultation is so important.

3. You and your hairdresser need a practice run before the big day. Your stylist needs to get a feel for your hair, and it gives you the opportunity to change anything you don't like. This practice is usually just for the bride, not for the bridesmaids.

...Don't try to colour your hair...

4. If you are putting a colour through your hair, it is best to get it done at least a fortnight before your wedding. (Take the advice of your hairdresser.)  Don't try to colour your hair at home this time - that's just asking for trouble!  Also, make sure the colour complements any flowers you may wear in your hair, your bouquet and any other

5. Choose a style that will last for the entire day. Multiple ringlets and dozens of flowers might look amazing as soon as it's done - but will it last until the evening?  Choose something simple but elegant.  Your stylist will help you with this.

6. Leave yourself plenty of time for the hairdresser on the morning of your wedding.  It normally takes one and a half to two hours for the bride's hair, and three quarters of an hour each for the bridesmaids.  Again, your stylist will advise you on this.

7. If you live out of town, get the stylist to come out to your home if at all possible.  It may cost more but it takes pressure off you, saves you driving and risking messing up your new hairstyle.

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