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Ah, The Honeymoon ...

Did you know that the honeymoon actually dates back to ancient times, when the male would steal a bride from her parents, most often without her consent, and hide away with her for a month before the full moon.

...During this time the couple
would drink a very potent
honey-based drink ...

During this time the couple would drink a very potent honey-based drink and the term 'honeymoon' developed from there.

The honeymoon has become an important part of the wedding ritual, although nowadays it is a planned holiday together rather than a kidnap.

The honeymoon should reflect the type of leisure time that you, as a couple, both enjoy.

Honeymoons can range from trips overseas to exotic resorts, to tramping in the mountains, snow skiing, sea kayaking or just 'blobbing out' on a local beach.

Some couples defer their honeymoon until such time as they can afford the holiday of their dreams.  Others, who may have family visiting from overseas for the wedding, decide to spend precious time with their family and take their honeymoon later.

No matter how you decide to spend your perfect holiday together it is essential to plan ahead.

Book tickets, accommodation and whatever else well in advance, saving unnecessary last-minute stress.  When making bookings, mention that you are planning your honeymoon and you may get special attention and good advice about accommodation, leisure time activities and local conditions.

If you are going overseas, make sure you have current passports, travelers' cheque's, credit cards, visas, travel insurance and the correct funds.

Remember also to leave a contact address for someone at home, in case anything happens while you're away.

Whatever your personal choice, have a great time!

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