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The Wedding Meal

The wedding feast is an integral part of the wedding day.  It was once called a wedding breakfast because the couple had fasted until their nuptial mass and it was the first meal of their day.

Nowadays it can be a luncheon, an afternoon tea, an early-evening barbecue or a full evening dinner.

Some couples cater for the wedding themselves, with the help of their families.  This involves careful forward planning, good organisation and an enormous amount of work, both before and after the wedding festivities.

Other couples choose a hotel or restaurant for their wedding meal, leaving the responsibility of preparing and presenting the food to the professionals.

Many restaurants and banqueting venues have 'wedding packages' covering all types of functions and a choice of costs.   It is well worth investigating those options before you get too far on with your own planning for a restaurant meal.

Yet other couples choose a venue such as a yacht club or local hall and employ caterers or wedding organisers to bring food in and to take responsibility for the serving and the clearing up afterwards.

It is important to decide early on in your planning what budget you will set for the wedding meal and stick to that budget.

Professional caterers usually charge a set amount per person.  This varies according to the menu you choose.  Divide the amount you have set aside for catering by the approximate number of guests you are inviting.  This will help you work out how much per head you can afford and help you choose the menu.

...relax, let others take over the responsibility...

Generally, a caterer should be booked several months before the wedding.  Discussions at the time will give the caterer a general idea of the size and scale of your wedding and what your budget is.  From there a meal can be planned to suit your particular needs.   Take the caterer's advice about what food to serve but voice any preferences you may have.

Choose around seasonal produce and the ethnic mix of your guests. Provide a variety of dishes, so that personal tastes can be satisfied.

Then relax, let others take over the responsibility, devote your time to your guests and enjoy yourselves.

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