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Choosing A Photographer

Your photographeris a key player in your wedding, as it is through the lens that you will receive many memories of your day.  Photographs will stimulate memories for years to come; memories you will relive with your friends or even relate one day to your grandchildren.

So it is vital you choose the correct photographer, and make sure everything goes according to plan on your big day.

Let me introduce our Ten Top Tips for dealing with your photographer.

1.  Shop around. Don't hire any photographer without looking at their portfolio first. Photographers have their own different styles, so you need to see at least three or four different portfolios before choosing the style that suits you ..  The one that particularly appeals to you is obviously the one you should seriously consider.

2.  Book your photographer early; the sooner the better.  The bare minimum would be four months in advance.

3.   Have at least one major consultation with your photographer. This can be done face to face or, if this isn't possible, over the phone or via email.  We recommend both the bride and groom attend this consultation as it is here you establish exactly what you're looking for in a wedding photograph.

4.  Make sure your photographer can produce what you are visualising.  Remember, it is your wedding and you deserve to have everything just right!

5.  Two to three weeks before the wedding, contact the photographer again, just to confirm all the arrangements and make sure he/she has got the dates and times right.


...Shop around.  Don't hire ny photographer without looking at their portfolio first...

6.  Practices for regular photos are not necessary, but there are certain photos you should prepare for.  For example, if you wish a photograph of the two of you exchanging rings, practise this.  Quite often the happy couple obscures with their bodies the placing of the rings, thus losing any chance of a quality photograph.   Other photos that you may want to consider practising are your first kiss and the cutting of the cake.

7.  In the week preceding your wedding, check the weather forecast. You'll know then what to prepare for, especially if the photos are to be taken outside.

8.  If you are planning an exotic location for your photographs (eg. a forest or a beach) you need to be especially sure that everything is checked and all the arrangements are made.   This includes things like checking the tide table if the shots are to be taken on the beach!

9.  If these photographs are really important to you, you might want to consider a back-up plan, in case anything does go wrong.  What if it's too windy outside for great shots?   Perhaps rain is threatening. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry - strange things will tend to happen on your wedding day!

10.  Once those photographs are taken, don't forget to show them off to the world on your FREE wedding website here, on the New Zealand Wedding Planner.   This way friends and family can share in your happiness no matter where they live.


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