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Music's The Key

A party is often remembered for its music, and the chances are that your wedding reception will be no different.

Whether it's played by a band or a DJ, your selection of music is very important in the overall flow and feeling of your night.  Live music has its benefits, as does a DJ; it just depends on what style you wish your reception to take.  Either way, there are some essential tips that apply to both forms of entertainment.

Price varies depending on your choice. Most DJs have a fixed four-hour charge-out fee, with extras for overtime.   The price of a band however can fluctuate markedly, depending on the price of getting it in, its popularity, and the demand for it. of music and tempo of
the night is a big advantage...

A consultation helps sort this out early.  It is not always necessary, but we recommend it.  Sitting down with your DJ or band and working out the price, style of music and tempo of the night is a big advantage, as it can make your night run just that little bit smoother.

When it comes to actually choosing music, age is a major factor.  The entertainers generally come up with specific songs, but you need to let them know the age groups you want the music to cater for.  For example, if the bride and groom are 20 years old, the majority of the guests will be the same age, so you want the music to be more modern, to be more in tune with the younger generation of today.  If on the other hand the newlyweds are in their 40s and 50s, you want the music to be older, to appeal more to their tastes.  This is not to say a wide variety of music won't be played, it is just that most will be focused on your chosen age group.

If you are having a wedding dance and wedding song you need to think about them well in advance. You need to choose a song that is important to both of you, one that has some special significance, and one that you can see yourselves dancing to for the rest of your lives.

If you have chosen a specific dance for your song, you might want to have lessons and practices at home, just to make sure everything goes according to plan.

The bride and groom traditionally take the floor for the wedding dance at the beginning of the night.  After a minute or so the bridal party and the parents are invited up and with approximately a minute left the rest of the guests are called onto the dance floor.

The aim of the entertainment is to get everyone up dancing as soon as possible, and it starts with the wedding dance.

Entertainment at your wedding could be anything you choose; we have described only two examples for you.  If your wedding has a specific theme, your entertainment could be completely different.

No matter what you choose though, it is still wise to follow these tips. Take the time to consult about your entertainment, and sort out any problems or queries you have.  It will be worth it.

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