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What Kind Of Gift Do I Give My Spouse On Our Wedding Day?

he months, weeks and days that lead up to your wedding day will be frantic at best. Although it isn't compulsory, how on earth will you find the time to begin looking for a gift that means something? We give you a couple of ideas to help you start thinking in ways that will be sure to please.

Just for her
Well for starters, in case a man didn't know - any piece of jewellery will do. Okay! Maybe not just ANY jewellery, something that can be worn with pride down the aisle is guaranteed to earn major brownie points. It could be to complete 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'. A sapphire perchance? Maybe there is an heirloom piece lurking deep within the family crevices. This would be the perfect opportunity to present it to your bride.
Indulging her body will ultimately indulge yours. Give her a gift certificate for a 'day of beauty' at her favourite salon when you get back from your honeymoon. She will be coming off the bridal adrenaline and this pick-me-up will be just the ticket.
Something for your home that you know she loves. Maybe it is a handmade quilt for your marital bed that she has been secretly cooing over, a special artwork by her favourite artist - just think about what she treasures most in her heart of hearts. How well do you really know her desires?

Just for him
Adrenaline buzz. Does he have a sense of adventure? White water rafting, bungee jumping, skydiving - whatever the season suits. This will add a guaranteed thrill to your marriage, especially if you are game enough to join him.
Sports mad! Does your bloke practically need an intravenous drip set up to deliver his sports fix? Lets hope it doesn't come to that. But you can support his fascination for watching grown people play with balls, by buying tickets to see his favourite team live in action. Or maybe a piece of signed memorabilia would tickle his 'gosh!' spot.
Technology heaven. Give him anything that could possibly come attached to a remote that will entertain both of you for hours. Indulge him with an entertainment centre or any one of its components that suit the budget. What about a video camera that you can tuck away for the honeymoon? You would have it there on hand to chronicle your life together, especially when the pitter-patter of feet comes along!

It doesn't have to be a practical gift. When my parents were married in the sixties and finances were tight, she gave him an elaborately hand-decorated shoebox. In it were small souvenirs from times when they first started dating.

Among it - the original tube of lipstick. He said he liked the colour before he moved in for that first kiss. The serviettes and sugar sachets from the table when they had their first date. The ticket stubs from the first movie they saw, a chick-flick. He took advantage of her tears and got that first hug or two. Photos with besotted looks of love are scattered throughout.

The box reminded them in tough times why they were together. As children, we adored the box and asked to see it again and again - this big kid and her children still do. My parents were married for 31 years before my mother passed away. Dad, newly retired - keeps the box in the sacred 'special place'.

Just put your thinking caps on and take a deep look into the heart of your spouse-to-be. Remember it's entirely optional to give a gift to your spouse. Talk with each other and find out if it is on your list of priorities. You will know what you can realistically afford. Have fun!

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