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Creative Ways To Turn Your Wedding Favours From 'Blah' To 'Fantastic'

You can turn your favours from 'blah' to 'fantastic' on a strict budget - here's some clever and inexpensive ways to add elegance and personality.

Wrap it!

  • Tulle adds elegance to any favour. Different colours and can be bought on a roll or in circles.
  • Cellophane is inexpensive - a shiny material available in a variety of patterns and bright colours. Teamed with matching curling ribbon, it does the trick.
  • Fabric in a colour or pattern to match the wedding party. This option empowers you to be super creative, without breaking the bank.
  • Corrugated Cardboard also comes in exciting colours and rib sizes. You can make little boxes to house candies and secure them with a bow.

Tie it!

  • Personalised Ribbon - the priciest of options but it will proclaim the name of you and your new hubby as well as your wedding date. Consider tying it along with another ribbon in a different colour to add texture and colour to match your bridal party.
  • Ribbon - experiment with different widths, textures and colours of ribbons. Two thin ribbons in different colours create a beautiful display, as does large bows from thick, shimmery ribbons.
  • Raffia - for country-lovers, this wrapping option adds a natural earthy feel to your favours. It can be frustrating to create a bow, but it depends on the pliability of the brand you are using.

That little bit of an extra touch

  • Faux flowers, shells and heart candy - miniature versions of these items can be hot-glued to the centre of the bow. It is an easy and inexpensive way to connect simple favours to a larger theme, or simply to add that final touch.
  • Layering - try wrapping your favours in two different colours of tulle - along with two different colours of ribbon for a stunning effect.
  • Heart Confetti - mix candy with shiny heart confetti before tying together.

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