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Wedding Day Timetable - How To Plan Your Wedding Day

When you've gone to meticulous detail in planning your wedding, it makes good sense to plan your actual day to avoid getting flustered on the day. Make sure all people concerned have a copy in their pocket so you can synchronise your schedules and watches.

Start by dividing your day into three parts - try to anticipate and take into account any constraints or particulars that are unique to your wedding.

We have provided you with a sample timetable for a 3pm wedding - add or alter at your discretion and simply print out.

  • 8 AM : Visit hairdresser ( or home visit ). Followed by makeup.
  • 9 AM : Arrival of respective bridal parties at bride and groom's.
  • 10 AM :Flowers arrive : boutonnières, bouquets and bride and groom's corsages.
  • 12 :30 :Arrival of flower girl and ringbearer with parents.
  • 1 PM :Arrival of videographer and photographer at bride and groom's. Photo session.
  • 2 PM :Arrival of limousines ( or other rental cars). Another photo session.
  • 2 :15 PM :Departure of ushers and groomsmen for church by car.
  • 2 :30 PM :Departure of bride, her parents and bridal party for church. Ushers welcome arriving guests.
  • 2 :50 PM :Beginning of bridal procession.
  • 3 PM :Ceremony begins.
  • 3 :50 PM :Ceremony ends and bridal couple and party exit church. Group photo session follows. 4 :30 PM :Cocktail begins. Receiving line. Photo session.
  • 6 :00 PM :Cocktail ends. Guests enter reception room. Ceremonial entrance by parents and members of bridal party.
  • 6 :15 PM :Toasting of bride and groom and welcome speech by father of the bride.
  • 6 :30 PM :Wedding reception begins. Reception is interspersed with several 2 minutes speeches in between food courses.

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