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Bridal Club Magazine

Wedding Superstitions - Believe It Or Not

We have come a long way from the days where superstition ruled every move an anxious bride or groom made. With all the anticipation involved in marriage and the significance placed on creating the perfect wedding, it is no wonder superstitions developed around the big event. We take a light-hearted look through the ages at what brides have though would bring good fortune to the rest of their married lives.

Wedding Dress Woes
For a bride to wear her full bridal attire before the big day was considered ultimately unlucky. To avoid this she put it on in part or left a section of the hem unsewn until the morning of her wedding so that it was technically not complete. To see herself fully dressed in the mirror on the day was also bad luck - so she left something off, such as an earring or glove.

Getting To The Church
The bride and groom also traditionally avoid seeing each other on the morning of the wedding day. This was thought to have arisen from the times of arranged marriages - the fiancé may change his mind if she did not take his fancy. Hence, the 'unveiling' at the ceremony. On departing for the church, the bride should exit her house out the front door with the right foot first. If the sun shone on her or she saw a rainbow - then good luck would ensue. If she saw a black cat, a chimney sweep or an elephant was also considered fortuitous. Unlucky sights included observing a pig running across the road. The worst of all omens was to meet or even see a funeral procession. Death was also foretold if the horse (or the more contemporary car) refused to start.

Ring Ring
Once the ring was put on, extremely bad luck would follow if it was removed. If the ring accidentally came off, the husband must replace it on the wife's finger. After the birth of the first child, some considered it safe to take off the ring, but never before then. Premature removal was seen to foreshadow the destruction of the marriage, death of the husband or loss of his affection. Dropping the ring during the ceremony was also an evil omen. Whoever dropped the ring, it signalled he or she would be the first to die. If the ring rolled away from altar steps, this was a very bad sign, particularly if it rested on a gravestone in the floor of the chapel. The bride would die early if a person buried underneath the floor was a woman, the groom if it was a man buried below.

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too?
The bride must cut the cake first or have a childless marriage. Every guest must eat at least a little bit of the cake or they bring bad luck on themselves and the bride and groom To keep her husband faithful, the bride must keep a piece of the cake.


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