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Themed Weddings - The Medieval Wedding

The romance and mystery of films such as Lord of the Rings, Robin Hood and Arthur - have brought back love and romance into couples wedding plans. This gives plenty of range and flexibility to include this era in your special day. For a bit of inspiration, go and get the movies out and watch them together and take a look at some of our suggestions below to transform your wedding into the fairytale of the century.

The Bride - Finding a medieval style wedding dress should not be difficult, as they are becoming very popular. You should be thinking of heavy, sumptuous materials such as velvets and satins, with fitted bodices and sleeves, and the long, flowing skirts of the period. Dark, rich colours look more authentic and some embroidery or a tapestry insert would be ideal. Suppliers of this kind of dress will be able to help you with accessories including headdresses.

The Groom - To do things properly the groom should be wearing a tunic and tights! Depending on his modesty, the tunic could be lengthened or the tights replaced with close fitting trousers or jeans. The tunic may also feature embroidery or cross lacing, and should be coupled with a full, floaty shirt underneath. Again, the colours should be dark and rich, although the shirt would look best in white cotton.

Decorations - The sky is the limit…or it may be your budget! Think of beamed ceilings, heavy tapestries, open fireplaces, and long banqueting tables, and then take another look at your venue. Start with the simple things that will make the difference, such as mock tapestries and heraldic designs, dark table clothes, church candles in wrought iron holders and goblets instead of glasses. What about "thrones" for the bride and groom? You should also think carefully about background music, as this will greatly help to set the mood.

Tables - Table clothes should be dark and plain but you may find serviettes with fleur-de-lis or some other heraldic design on them. Table decoration may include bowls of potpourri, dried fruit, fresh fruit and rustic floral displays.

Cake - The plainer the better, perhaps with ivy entwined about it. You could design your own coat of arms and have this on the cake. Alternatively, you may want something more elaborate like a dragon or castle to add the finishing touches to your theme. Try cutting the cake with a replica sword for effect!

Invitations - To give people the right idea from the outset, send out scrolls, written in calligraphy if possible and sealed with wax or tied with ribbon. Think about the wording also…'Thou art summoned to attend…the wedding banquet of…second son of…. at the ancestral halls…', as this will add to the over all effect.

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