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Your Engagement Party - Here’s Some Ideas For Themes

Some engagement parties can really go over the top in formality. Ever been to one of those, where you are scared to say boo? On the other hand, some are so casual such as the participants swarming to a bar on a Friday night, that you wouldn't be any the wiser of it's cause if you were an onlooker. But, if you really like the idea of a catered affair, complete with printed invitations and waiters catering to your every whim; you are completely within your rights.

Just like anything else related to a wedding, you are best to go with what works with you. But in case your imagination needs a little prompting, we're offering a few suggestions.

Cocktail parties are much less work than a dinner

party, and usually a lot more fun if you're going to have more than 15 people. For a memorable cocktail party, play some great music to keep the party lively, make sure you will not run out of drinks before the end of the night, and choose to serve liquor over beer or wine. You could even make up a drink and name it for the newly betrothed couple. Remember: offer some delicious virgin concoctions for those who don't drink, and keep the appetisers simple and hearty (to absorb the booze).

Outdoor Picnics are rather romantic (though somewhat risky) notion to celebrate an upcoming wedding. If you've got your undying faith in Mother Nature, choose a beautiful spot in a local park or garden, ask 20-30 of your closest friends and relatives to show up at sundown, spread blankets out, watch the sunset, and make a toast to the new-found joy of your friends. Serve simple fruit, pastries, cheese and crackers. Then break out the wine for a lovely and romantic summer evening.

Theme Party - If the happy couple has a particular passion, consider

centring the party around that and make it your theme. If they are both

Archaeologists - throw an Engagement "Dig!" The options are endless and have the potential to be endlessly fun.

Dance Party - If movin' and groovin' would be a popular activity among your party guests, centre the party around it. You can really mix it up by having someone lead everyone in a little square dance or line dance. You'd be amazed at how easy it is to pick those moves up. They're fun, and they're a great way to get guests to mingle.

Honeymoon Destination - If you've got the inside scoop as to where the couple might be headed on their honeymoon, then capitalise on that information! Headed to Hawaii? Throw a lauau. The Caribbean? A reggae party with jerk chicken and tropical drinks would be a blast! And if appropriate, ask guests to come dressed for the occasion.

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