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Bridal Beauty – Why Should I Hire A Professional Makeup Artist?

Whether you are experienced or not with makeup, you are bound to have some anxiety as your wedding approaches. New trends come out all the time with makeup, should you follow them? Attempt your own makeup? And do you know what colours really suit you?

These are questions all brides ask and to be sure you look your best, it is recommended that you hire a make-up professional for the day. Especially when it comes to selecting your foundation and colour palette for your wedding. This is going to be one of the most important days of your life, and captured forever in your photos and video, and you want to be sure that your look captures the best of your features, beautifully and naturally, through the right kind of makeup. This isn't the time to be learning first hand all about makeup, and to be proficient enough to apply it without undue stress on your wedding day!

Your professional artist will help you find products that are compatible for your skin, while creating a colour palette that will enhance your natural colouring, features and undertone. A good artist will also require a consultation session with you for this very purpose prior to the wedding, so that you can have trial run with your wedding makeup. Learn all you can in this selection and application process, and have the makeup charted for you. This way you can have a reference for the future to build upon as you pursue a more personal experience in makeup selection.

Even if you decide you still want to do your own bridal makeup, it is advisable to take some lessons from a professional, to learn how to select foundations and colours that are best suited to your skin type and undertone, and learn basic application techniques. It will be the best investment you can make in your bridal beauty regimen. Trial and error can be so time consuming and expensive, not to mention frustrating if you bounce around from makeup counter to makeup counter, getting conflicting advice and product choices from sales people. It is best to go armed with a clear understanding of your undertone, and range of colours that will be best suited to enhance your own natural colouring and features. You will be a lot more successful in your product selection and application technique if you work with a pro first.

A professional will ensure you don't have that embarrassing 'slash of orange lipstick' that may be in, but ruins your whole look.

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