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Colour At Your Wedding - Inspirational colour schemes for your wedding

Wedding colours are an important part of the planning. They form the basis on which to build a stylish look throughout the wedding. The colours can be echoed in everything from invitations to your dress and bouquet.

You will find in inspiration all around you - shops, restaurants, parks, and card shops. Why not base your colour scheme on a favourite item of clothing, perhaps a scarf, or an ornament - even after your favourite holiday location!

The colour scheme is one of the cheapest ways in which you can create a modern and sophisticated look. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Bows, ribbons and feathers can be added to plain shop-bought or homemade dresses

Accessories provide an endless number of opportunities to contrast, accent or co-ordinate. Cheaper brands can be made to look more expensive with a few tasteful additions - beads, embroidery, silk flowers, diamante or feathers - remember less is more.

Even the subtlest use of colour in your make-up will transform the overall effect of your outfit, the bridesmaids and your flowers.

The reception table can be coordinated with napkins or napkin holders, flowers, favours and the wedding cake.

But don't go over the top!

Colour affects the way people feel, we can all attest to that! Specialists claim they can tell all about someone's personality by the colours they love even when they are not colours they may normally wear or paint their walls with. Is there really significance to an individual colour choice at your wedding? According to colour psychology - yes!

Red is the colour of power, it will give the wearer a boost, make the most of her energy and confidence. On the down side, other people may find it a little intimidating.

Blue encourages concentration; it is the colour of reason and calm. A pale blue denotes gentleness and a mood of reflection, while a navy blue indicates strength and authority - maybe the reason why police uniforms are navy blue. The wrong kind of blue can make a person appear unfriendly, blue with a hint of red or yellow in its make-up is more positive.

Green stands for a sense of balance and tranquillity; it is nature's own colour. But it has become thought of as unlucky, it is hard to understand why, but because of this it is seldom used at weddings.

Yellow is the colour of sunlight, it lifts our spirits and boosts our self-esteem. It is an extrovert colour.

Violet relates to the higher mind and the spirit, a slightly introvert colour that indicates the wearer enjoys their own company

Pink is a soothing and feminine colour. It is also a sexy colour.

Orange is another sexy colour but less maternal and more passionate and sensual than pink. It is also the colour of comfort and security. Most colours we choose to wear are a mixture of two or more of the basic hues in varying proportions, different tints (lighter) or shades (darker).

Tune in next month where we look at picking the right colour for your bridesmaids.

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