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Special Pre-Wedding Night Exercises - Women's Only Sealed Section

You've been preening and primping your appearance for your big day, keeping up your exercise regime to get fit and trim and look sensational on the 'outside' - but there are special exercises for the 'inside' as well.

You've probably heard about them, maybe even done them and they've gone out the window with all those other things you have to do ... but the Kegel exercises are a woman's best kept secret to enhanced pleasure in not only your sex life, but your partners as well.

Good vaginal muscle tone is important not only for a great sex life, but for good bladder control. Ageing and childbirth take their toll on a woman's ability to 'hold on' - doing these simple exercises only takes a few minutes a day and can be done without anyone ever knowing.

All you do is simply contract the vaginal muscles and relax. Just as if you were stopping the flow of urine midstream. Repeat this 20-40 times a day depending on your strength. It is extremely important that you do not use your stomach, leg, and back or buttock muscles while doing this exercise. Breathe deeply and slowly. Put your hand on your stomach as you squeeze your pelvic muscle. Once you have figured out which muscle it is and the stronger it becomes, the easier it will be. You can even hold the contractions increasingly longer each time for enhanced results. Although this doesn't magically happen overnight - most women notice significant improvement after only three weeks.

Once again, noone can tell that you are doing this exercise so it can be done anywhere, anytime - whenever you think of it. Make it something you do while brushing you teeth for example - so you can build it permanently into your life.

Are you squeezing now?

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