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The Night Before Your Wedding Day – Spend It Wisely

This is traditionally the night of the rehearsal dinner, although not widely practised in New Zealand as a rule - they are becoming more popular as a way of bringing together loved ones in an informal setting before you say 'I do'.

If you do have a rehearsal dinner, make sure you don't drink too much alcohol. Limit yourself to one glass of anything plus your champagne toast at dinner. You'll find your skin and over-all wellbeing will thankyou if you stick to drinking plenty of water.

Make sure you do eat a well-balanced and adequate dinner to keep your energy levels up for tomorrow. Stay away from spicy foods or rich deserts. Any indigestion now or late night hunger could stop you from getting a much needed night of sleep.

Don't be tempted to go out partying after the dinner. On the flip-side, don't be tempted to go home straight after dinner either. You will have plenty of friends and relatives and out-of-town guests dying to catch up with you. Don't let any annoying ones with well-meaning advice get to you and stress you out. If you can spend time with them now, they will be more forgiving if you can't spend much time with them on your big day when you are likely to be emotionally and physically exhausted.

Try and get to bed early and you may well laugh at that suggestion. The excitement may make any sleep seem impossible. Try reading a good book to take your mind off any weddings. Before bed, try to spend some quiet time alone meditating or visualising how smoothly your wedding day is going to run. If you have several things running through your head that you are worried you might forget, write these down on a pad beside the bed so you can't possibly forget! Try an aromatherapy bath with candles and soft music - clear your mind and relax.

The night before the wedding is not the time to be making up your favours, sorting out order of service sheets or even packing for your honeymoon. Set up good time management from the beginning and see yourself in good stead as a start to your married live together. If you are one week out from the wedding and still haven't got things organised, it's time to enlist help from your loved ones real fast.

You may want to spend the night in a motel with your bridesmaids or maid of honour. Getting dressed together along with the laughter and jokes may be just what you need to calm any jitters.

If you already live with your fiancé, you may want to spend the night apart to put some distance between you and create some 'extra longing' for your special night. Consider staying with your parents or just your mum, or mum-like mentor of significance. This can be a godsend in calming nerves and a special way to end your life living as a single woman.

Whatever you do on the night before your wedding day, it will also be a memory you will treasure for a life-time.

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