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Bridal Club Magazine

Stuck For Hair And Accessory Ideas For Your Fabulous Wedding Day?

Everyone is looking at the bride and apart from the dress … her hair will be the second most looked at detail. We give you some flattering, fun and elegant ideas for hair and accessories on your wedding day. Don't forget to practise with this well in advance - have fun!

Fake or fresh water pearls twist into a bun, braid or across the crown of the head
Baby Breath flowers or dried heather or lilac arranges in a rind around the head or off to one side
Hairpieces to extend the hair or to create braids to adorn the hair design Shells, especially mother of pearl, make beautiful hair adornments. (A small hole can be drilled in the shell to allow for ease of use)
Dried or fresh roses, either full size or baby, make a natural beautiful statement
Multi coloured thin silk or cotton ribbons. Whether in pastel or jewel colours, ribbons can be twisted or braided to weave into hair design or to tie the hair back
Glass or plastic coloured beads make for beautiful adornments to the hair design
Costume jewellery clip-on earrings make for easy to use individual touches to the hair
Silk cording, much like ribbons, can be used for many different styles
Lace can be gathered into small bunches to make a bow or centre point for the hair to wrap around
Ordinary, plain barrettes can be converted into real showpieces which a hot glue gun and any precious stones, mementoes or decorations you find.

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