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The Questions To Ask To Find Your Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

You need no reminding of the stress caused by finding the perfect reception venue for your needs. One of our fantastic brides-to-be from the NZ Wedding Planner discussion forum, Tirau Te Tau; has compiled a print-out form using commonly asked questions by work colleagues and fellow forum members.

Venue Questions



Venue Option 1

Venue Option 2

Venue Option 3

Venue Option 4


Are there any time limits for venue?

Security? Is that provided or do we organise this?

Elegant Setting - or be able to decorate to Elegant theme?

Breakages and cleaning fee?

Room hireage? May be extra if wedding party need to change later in the evening?

Ask them what things your NOT allowed to have or do, eg what time the music must be off, can you have candles or confetti.

Are there smoking restrictions?

Indoor / Outdoor Flow at venue?


Ask about BYO wine/alcohol - Corkage if any?

Wine options?

What time (if you are having one) can the DJ/Band have access to set up?

Also find out about the cleaning up afterwards, who does that?

Menu options, including vegetarian options etc?

Entertainment: do you provide or can they recommend?

Will there be a schedule of the function provided to staff and wedding organiser? If it is standard for all functions, what is it?

Are there any time limits?

What other options: do they have different costs?

Can we see a sample menu now?

If catered in a restaurant, can we provide other foods to go with the menu that are not available?

Can you make changes to the menu for your own tastes?

Do we supply cake table and knife?

Does your venue do wedding cakes and if so could we see a range of styles you have?

As we have paid for the catering we expect to be able to take the left overs home and we will provide the containers to do so. (which would work out great for a great brunch/BBQ at home the next day)


Will it definitely be the manager you're meeting now?

If not, when will they know which manager/supervisor is on duty that night?

Who will set up the venue?

Who will be running the show on that particular night?

Can you arrange to meet the staff member on duty before the big day?

When should you meet with them to discuss the finer details of the menu and the way you wish to have the venue set up and night runs?

How many servers per table?

Can your parents (or someone like that) also come to meet that person so they know who to talk to on the night about any issues (if issues come up, you want someone else to deal with them, you don't want to be the only people the manager/supervisor knows!)


Date for final confirmation of numbers?

Do they provide table decorations or do you provide your own?

Will the Wedding Table have Silver service?

How seating is arranged?

How much flexibility do you have with the room/table layout?

What about lighting - do you want need anything special/different? Can the venue organise this or do you need to do it? Would there be an additional cost?

Find out what things you have to provide or if there is any extra costs for using particular items, eg glasses, etc

What time can the florist or yourselves have access to set up tables?

Do you have a choice of crockery, cutlery and glassware?

If a table plan is required, how can this be accomplished in the venue?

Provide linen table-cloths and napkins (dry cleaning cost?)


Is GST included in the price? Is cleaning and setup included in the cost?

When is deposit required and is it a booking fee or deposit? How much?

Minimum spend required to have venue?

When is final payment required?

Also ask for references, and check out their health standards certificate

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