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Bridal Club Magazine

Pick the Wedding Dress that Compliments Your Body

For those of us who don't look like Pamela Anderson or Halle Berry, picking the correct style wedding dress can be crucial to your overall look. Worrying about if you picked the right dress is the last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day. We all want to look our best and when you look "good" you tend to feel good. This article will give the Do's and the Don'ts for your body type. Here are the different body types and their definitions:
Apple- for those who gain weight primarily around the waistline Pear-for those who are wider on the bottom and smaller up top Hourglass- weight is evenly distributed between the hips and chest area Square- weight tends to be evenly distributed throughout the body Inverted Pear- as you might expect those who have large chests and/or broad shouldered and small on the bottom
The Dos and the Don'ts

Apple Body Type
Empire waistlines- camouflages a big waistline
V-necks- make the body look more sharp and less round
Don'ts (the following maximizes the waistline)
Skirts with lines that cut across the middle
Full skirts
Elongated bodices

Pear Body Type (the following balances out the top and bottom)
Padded or puffy shoulders
Narrow shoulders
Body hugging sheaths
Full puffy skirts

Hourglass Body Type (to maintain a balanced physique)
Strapless Dresses-flatters your shoulders
Body hugging sheaths
Off the shoulder dresses-shows off shoulders
Beaded or highly decorated bodices-puts on a few pounds
Full skirts-attracts attention to the hips

Square Body Type (to create the illusion of curves)
Beaded or decorated necklines
Full skirts
Padded, puffy or oversized sleeves or shoulders
Horizontal detailing
Clingy slim gowns

Inverted Pear Body Type
Simple sleeves
Full Skirts
Puffy sleeves
Empire waistlines
Slim skirts

Robin Williams is the editor of the online magazine

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