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Important tips on how to choose a Bridal Veil

There are an endless range of styles in bridal veils to choose from when selecting your wedding headpiece. It can at times be almost more difficult than selecting your gown. Where do you start? There are three essential things to do before choosing your bridal veil:

• First choose your gown (this establishes the formality and style of your wedding).
• Second remember your bridal veil is an accessory. This means that any bridal veil or headpiece you select should accentuate your dress not overpower it.
• Third decide on the hairstyle you will be wearing on your wedding day. Discuss this with your hairdresser and have a couple of trial runs before the wedding.

Tips On choosing a Tiara:

Tiaras vary greatly in style and size but they do have some common components. Tiaras are made of a metal base and embellished with rhinestones, pearls, crystals or a combination. Their versatility of design makes them an excellent choice for just about any bride and will go with almost any type of wedding dress she chooses.

Tips on choosing a Rhinestone Headpiece:

Metal rhinestone tiaras range from formal to very simple in style, making them the most versatile and most popular headpiece choice. They can be worn alone or with a Veil on a Comb. Tiaras can be worn with short hair, a fancy up do, or long and flowing curls. The possibilities are endless but a tiara is sure to make you feel like royalty on your special day. Make an appointment with your hairstylist before your wedding; take your tiara and a picture of the hairstyle you have chosen to make sure it fits perfectly on your wedding day.

Tips on choosing a Bridal Halo:

The bridal halo style by definition is a circular bridal headpiece. Some consist of fabric flowers, or rhinestones and pearls or a combination of all three. Bridal Halos are a good choice for a bridal headpiece if you decide to wear your hair in a curly up do or have a short cut. These types of bridal headpieces can be worn alone or with a detachable veil.

Tips on choosing a Bridal Comb:

Simple in style and smaller in size the decorative comb with a veil is a good choice for the bride who wants to keep her headpiece understated. This style would suite a very petite bride or a bride with short hair. Have your hairstylist experiment with anchoring the comb with two Bobbie pins crossed like an "old fashioned pin curl" where you want the headpiece to set.

Tips on choosing a Bridal Crown:

Crowns are usually circular in shape and consist of floral or pearl designs that embellish the front of the headpiece. Bridal Crowns are an excellent choice if you want a more traditional look. A smooth or controlled curl up do is perfect with a bridal crown.

Tips on choosing a Wedding Headband:

Headbands are a type of wedding headpiece that has a wire or plastic band that goes across the top of the head from ear to ear. They vary in width and most are simpler in style. Bridal Headbands are a good choice for a wedding headpiece if you have chosen to wear your hair straight back and want a simple but sophisticate look. Bridal Headbands can be a great wedding headpiece when worn with a veil attached directly to the back of the band or with a veil on a comb.

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