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Beach Wedding Paradise

The sound of waves gently lapping over white sand, a cooling fresh breeze to ruffle your hair and as far as the eye can crystal clear water. Doesn't this sound like the ideal place for a beach wedding? It is no wonder that a beach wedding is extremely popular and more and more places are offering beach wedding packages to non-nationals.

Even though your chosen location for your beach wedding made seem like paradise found you still need to plan for the unexpected. There is nothing worse than a nasty surprise and no beach wedding plan B.

Decide in which little slice of paradise you are going to have your beach wedding and then check carefully any documentation or other paperwork that may be required. Loads of travel companies specialise in beach wedding packages and they should be able to advise. Don't forget an up to date passport and a valid visa!

Check with your medical practitioner well in advance about any immunisations that may be required for your chosen destination. You don't want to have to keep running to the bathroom during your romantic beach wedding neither do you want your beach wedding pictures telling the tale of an allergic reaction to the shots!

A beach wedding can be one of the most romantic, magical and memorable of occasions so long as you pay attention to the details before hand. Choosing a beach wedding can be more relaxing as the holiday atmosphere will permeate the day so get those details sorted, have your beach wedding in paradise and move straight to the honeymoon!

There are a great variety of places to chose from when it comes to picking a venue for your beach wedding. The Caribbean is very popular with its own array of islands to chose from. Hawaii also has popular appeal for that white beach wedding and array of breathtaking waterfalls and dramatic landscape. Both of these destinations can be ideal for that relaxing honeymoon and close friends and family would enjoy a vacation at either location.

When comes to deciding where you are going to have your beach wedding it is best to consult with travel agents and perhaps beach wedding consultants. Beach weddings along with any other type of wedding do have details that need to be address and their own particular points to note. For example: are you to be married directly on the beach and if so what type of footwear should you wear? A strange question that you may not think to ask until you are walking along the beach in your very expensive wedding shoes to find them uncomfortably filling with sand!

The silliest questions are the ones we don't ask. Get some specialised help and make your beach wedding a truly memorable event.

- Lorna Mclaren has an information and resources website at where you can gather everything you need to organise your Wedding Day.

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