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10 New Year's Eve Wedding Favour Ideas

No doubt about it, a wedding on New Year's Eve is certain to be the party of the year! Let your guests ring in your wedding vows with these festive wedding favour suggestions.

**Christmas Crackers**

Not the type you eat. These are the rolled tubes that are covered in tissue. Two people grab one end and pull. Once it snaps, small items will fall out.

**Blow Horns and Party Hats**

Write your names and wedding date on the party hats and give out blow horns, etc. in a small gift bag.


Give your guests small bottles of champagne with personalized labels.

**Hershey Kisses**

Wrap several silver foiled Hershey Kisses in gold or silver netting. Tie with a silver/gold or black bow.

**Festive Mini Candy Jar**

Start with a baby food jar or other small jar. Paint the top in silver or gold acrylic paints. Attach a personalized label to the jar with your names and wedding date. Spread glue over the cover and the jar and roll in gold and/or silver glitter (don't cover over the label). Fill with colourful mints or candies. Tie a silver ribbon and bow around neck of bottle.

**Personalized Calendar**

There's a lot of software that can help you create personalized calendars for the new year. If you don't wish to do this on your own, pick out some really nice photos (either personal photos, landscape scenes, etc.) and take it to a local copy shop to print for you.

**Fortune Cookies**

See what the New Year has in store for your wedding guess. Wrap fortune cookie favours in netting or place in small, decorated favour bags/boxes for each guest.

**Fortune Bubble Ornaments**

Another fortune idea is to purchase plastic, see-through round ornaments (at craft stores). Separate the bubble, place a rolled up fortune scroll in each ornament. Add some curled ribbon and put the two halves back together. Attach a ribbon to hang the ornaments. For an added touch and a centrepiece for your tables, put silver painted tree branches (secured in decorated pots) on each table and hang the ornaments from the tree.

**Past Year CD**

Pick several of your favourite or number 1 chart songs from the past year and burn them on CD to give as favours. Label it "The Best of 2003" or "Our Favourites of 2003".

**Glow in the Dark Items**

Glow in the dark items are very popular now at New Year's. Give you guests any type of glow in the dark item such as stars, cups, necklaces, fibre optic wands, fun eye glasses, etc.

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Rose Smith is the owner of Wedding Themes and More, a website designed to help you discover your perfect wedding theme. Find more great ideas, resources and articles on our Holiday Wedding Themes page.

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